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Vegan Beauty
Maine Women's Magazine - November 27, 2018
Buddy to Buddy: SaltyGirl
News Center Maine - December 11, 2018
Sisters start cosmetics company to benefit cancer patients
News Center Maine - November 15, 2018
"“I’m not a big makeup person, so it’s funny that I own a cosmetic company.” —SaltyGirl Beauty co-founder Sarah Kelly ’10MBA"
More Than Skin Deep
Simmons Magazine
Cancer Survivor Helps Create Cosmetics with a Healthy Foundation/
Portland Press Herald - July 01, 2018
Bloom and Clementine - May 29, 2018
Star Beauty: Green Scene
Star Magazine - April 23, 2018
Meet Sarah Kelly of SaltyGirl Beauty in Maine
Boston Voyager - May 29, 2018
SaltyGirl Waves Goodbye To Other Brands To Concentrate On Its Own
Beauty Independent - May 02, 2018
20 Small-Batch Beauty Brands to Try for a Cleaner Routine
Style Caster - March 09, 2018
New Green Beauty Brands You need to Try
Allure Magazine - January 24, 2018
"Salty is an attitude for us—being confident…being bad-ass,” said Roberts. “That is how we want people to feel."
Beauty Brand Born in Maine
Happi Magazine - October 31, 2017
Breast Cancer Awareness: Companies That Give Back 2017
The Review Wire - October 03, 2017
SaltyGirl Beauty Launches Unique Brand With an Inspiring Twist
Gazelle STL - September 07, 2017
""After losing my hair during cancer treatment, I felt like I'd lost a part of what made me feel beautiful," said Kelly. "I ended up turning to my favorite lipstick and scarf to help me reclaim my confidence during that tough time. Our goal with SaltyGirl Beauty is to create products that allow women to feel beautiful and confident without compromise.""
SaltyGirl Beauty Launches Nationwide Online
PR Newswire -Press Release - August 31, 2017
"SaltyGirl Beauty, which will give 10 percent of its sales to Foundation4Love. Launched in August 2017, the cosmetics line will focus on five core beauty products, starting with lipstick"
The Business of Wellness: How SaltyGirl Boutique Made Giving Back Part of Its Business Plan
Well Insiders - August 17, 2017
"That, the sisters say, is what SaltyGirl is about. Being naturally beautiful, confident and a little badass. Just like them."
Naturally beautiful and badass
Maine Women's Magazine - June 21, 2017
"From diagnosis to becoming a mom (again) to starting a company, breast cancer left its mark on my life. Now, however, I have the knowledge and freedom that comes from having experienced vulnerability and coming out healthy on the other side."
How Breast Cancer Changed My Life
The Prepetual You - October 29, 2016
Leah Robert and Sarah Kelly
[email protected], 207-956-0425
Star Magazine April 23, 2018
Green Scene
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