12 Days of Gratitude in our Community

12 days of gratitude


Today we are kicking off our 12 Days of Gratitude! Last year, we  took the opportunity during the holiday season to talk everyday about the things that we SaltyGirls were grateful for. Now, in the year 2020, a year unlike any others, we’ve found it even more important to look for the good and express gratitude for the positive things we have in our lives. Each day for the next 12 Days we will be hearing from an amazing woman in our community about what she is grateful for this year… and at the end of the 12 Days, we have an opportunity for you to win something from each one of these women and their brands because we are grateful for you, too! So let’s get this party started with the team right here at SaltyGirl Beauty!
Sarah Kelly, co founder of SaltyGirl Beauty and Captain of the SaltyGirls, Leah Robert, Co-Founder of SaltyGirl Beauty and President of Brine and Beauty, Amanda Light, Chief Mate of Community at SaltyGirl Beauty and Kristan Vermuelen, our SaltyGirl PR Babe of Knotical PR all share what they are grateful for this year and you might just be able to relate to some of our thoughts! Let us know what you are grateful for in the comments!
SatlyGirl Beauty Contributed the following Gratitude Giveaway Items: Two of our Bath Salts, Body Scrubs and Bar Soaps for you to keep or share!




It’s Day Two of our 12 Days of Gratitude and we are so delighted to have Son-ja Haile of Satya+Sage talking about gratitude in our series. Son-ja has created an amazing line of candles designed to help you ground yourself and make time for selfcare… About her brand, Son-ja says “I wanted to offer a piece of tranquility—a tool that helped me slow down in the midst of life’s hectic moments, and focus on the things that mattered.” That resonates with us so much and we are so happy to have Satya+Sage as a part of the SaltyGirl community!
“I'm grateful for a lot of things! But the things that have stuck out the most are my intuition, breath, and grace. When I believe in and trust my own thoughts, I am most true to myself; when I pause to slow down and breathe, it creates a space to give myself grace, and when I have all three of those, I can show up as my authentic self and can extend grace to others.”
Satya+Sage has Contributed the following Gratitude Giveaway Items: Her signature “Blessed” candle, filled with the scents of mint, eucalyptus and rosemary, perfect for this time of year!


It’s Day Three of our 12 Days of Gratitude and we’re so excited to hear from Nell Shapiro of Kibou! When she set out to create her line of “Deliberately Minimal Diaper Bags”, it was with function and style in mind. Now, along with creative director Stephanie Marks, they’ve done just that. We love what Nell had to say about gratitude this year so read on and then take a peek at the beautiful bag that’s up for grabs at the end of the series!
“In 2020, more than ever before, I'm reminded of how much I truly have to be grateful for. I must first recognize my privilege in being able to say that--to have been able to remain healthy, see family safely, keep my business afloat, and be gifted with so much unexpected time with my two young boys. While it was unbelievably taxing and stressful, once our family found a way to achieve some balance, I found that I was able to be present and witness my boys for who they are and who they are growing to be: a gift that I would never have gotten if they'd been in school/daycare while I worked full-time.”
Kibou has Contributed the following Gratitude Giveaway Items: The signature “Kibou” bag in blush pink... We’re so jealous of this prize package!


It’s Day Four of our 12 Days of Gratitude and we’re feeling all the love for the amazing women who we have the pleasure of holding this space with! Today, Lin from @pinkmoon.co  shares with us what she is grateful for this year! We’ve known Lin through the clean beauty community for quite awhile and we’re so excited to see that she has a new wellness space full of curated selfcare products, women empowerment and workshops.We hope you’ll head over to learn more about Lin and Pink Moon Co.  today!


“I am grateful for my health, a loving family, and my mentors who are instrumental in my personal and professional growth. I'm also grateful for my loyal customers who support Pink Moon and keep my mission alive.”


Pink Moon has contribute the following Gratitude Giveaway items: The Signature Pink Moon Gua Sha tool and the Pink Moon Drops of Sunshine Essential Oil Blend.


It’s Day Five and we’re so happy to have @elizabethcraneswartz joining us today! Elizabeth is such a talented artist and is successful at pretty much everything she touches! We love Elizabeth’s eye for color and beautiful jewelry… who knows, you might win a piece for yourself! Below, Elizabeth shares with us some really insightful words on what gratitude means to her this year.
it goes without saying that I am enormously thankful for the health of my family and friends. but I’m also very thankful for my curiosity which has played a huge role in how I’ve survived this unprecedented year. I’ve spent this year learning about how to be a better ally, listening to people of color and understanding my privilege. because of my curiosity, I’ve learned more about how our current political system works (or rather doesn’t work) and what I can do to affect real change in my community.  My curiosity has driven me to look for the science and listen to the experts about the pandemic we find ourselves in. and I’ve discovered so many talented creative people online and explored ways to expand my own creativity. My curiosity has channeled restless energy and worry into action and learning”
Elizabeth Crane Swartz Jewelry has contributed the following Gratitude Giveaway Items: A custom necklace created with her signature handpainted beads!


It's Day Six, we're half way through and we are just so thrilled to have Emily Cunningham of True Moringa contributing to the fun! Emily and her partner Kwami have built a brand that is the definition of a "brand with a mission". True Morninga has created not just a clean beauty brand with great products but they've served over 5,000 small farming families, planted over 2,000,000 trees and increased farmer incomes by 10X. Just incredible!
“We're grateful for community. After losing our moringa powder factory to a fire in 2019, we were just getting back on our feet when COVID-19 hit in early 2020. Our community has rallied together for each one of our initiatives to support small businesses, our 5000 farmers, and our team throughout the year - most recently through our collaboration with @covidwears - comfy True Moringa loungewear with100% of profits supporting COVID-19 relief in the US and in Ghana.”
True Moringa has contributed the following Gratitude Giveaway Items: Peppermint Moringa Oil, Moringa Powder, Moonlight Lip Whip, & Mystery Lip Whip


It’s Day Seven and we’re welcoming Amanda Atkins of Amanda Laurel Atkins Art. Her brand of illustration, painting and abstract design is certainly eye catching and we’re certainly grateful to have her here with us. In the year 2020, we know that creativity can be hard to come by so we thank artists like Amanda for giving us inspiration and happiness through their work!
“There’s so much I’m grateful for, it’s hard to know where to begin. I love my family so much; I’m so grateful for my husband, our daughter, and our three kitties; my mom, dad, sister, and nephew. I’m grateful that I get to do what I love for a living, draw and paint and make products, and for all the support I’ve received in order to do so. And I’m so grateful to live in a world full of people who are fighting for justice and equality, and that I get to learn from them every single day.”
Amanda Laurel Atkins Art has contributed the following Gratitude Giveaway Items: Her signature “Breasts” Art Print


It’s Day Eight and we’re chatting with our friend Gianne Doherty of Organic Bath Co. Gianne has created an amazing clean beauty brand that is thoughtful, accessible and going places! We’ve loved watching Organic Bath’s journey and can’t wait to see where Gianne takes her brand-- so let’s check in on that attitude of gratitude.
“I am very grateful that Organic Bath Co. is not only still in business, but growing. In a time when many small businesses have had to lay people off or close their doors, we haven’t and I don’t take that for granted at all. I am in awe of how our team pulled together to get through all of the challenges 2020 has thrown our way to continue growing our small business.
I am also grateful for my health as well as the health of my family and team members.”
Organic Bath has contributed the following Gratitude Giveaway Items: 4 Signature Hand Soaps and 4 Signature Hand Sanitizers


Day Nine brings our great friend and partner in @WarriorRevolution, Cynthia Besteman of Violets are Blue Skincare. Cynthia is a beautiful, hilarious woman and such a bright light in our community, oh and her skincare line is literally one of our favorites! We’re so happy to have her here sharing her gratitude with us.


“I am grateful for the community of women I have around me who are also small business owners. I could not have gotten through this last year without them. We kept each other inspired, helped each other through hard times and made each other laugh even on the lowest days.”


Violets are Blue Skincare has contributed the following Gratitude Giveaway item: VAB Signature Body Lotion


It’s Day 10 and we’re nearing the end of our 12 Days of Gratitude. It has been great touching base with some amazing women, doing some pretty awesome things… and today is no different. We love seeing Erin Williams’ smiling face on our feed and her clean beauty brand, Erin's Faces, has been creating fantastic products for quite some time! Her positive attitude and vibrant personality shine through even her social media pages. We love the women in our community, especially our cheese loving friends!


“I’m grateful that I get to work with women – in my office and as clients – who inspire me daily. I’m grateful that I get to have tremendous purpose in what I do and that we, as a company, get to be of service to our community. I’m grateful to be in an industry that is constantly yearning to do better – with cleaner formulas and sustainable packaging being a piece of that. And I’m grateful for my dog, my husband and cheese!”


Erin’s Faces has contributed the following to the Gratitude Giveaway: Her Peptide Eye cream


It’s Day 11 of our 12 Days of Gratitude and we’re happy to have a new friend with us, Alicia Williams of Nash + Pino! We are so excited to be able to follow Nath + Pino’s journey as they have created a clean polish line with salty names like “Per My Las Email”, “Cool Mom” and “Negotiate”. Alicia believes that polishing her nails is a valuable self care ritual that has always made her feel put together. You know we love a little self care!


“With this year being so crazy, I am definitely grateful for my health, family and friends. My group chats have kept me laughing, inspired and entertained. I'm also grateful to work in a career I'm passionate about and own a business that provides a non-toxic alternative to women who want nice nails without the extra chemicals.”


Nash+ Pino has contributed the following to the Gratitude Giveaway: Three 10 Free polishes and their N+P cuticle oil



It’s the last day of the 12 Days of Gratitude and we are so excited to wrap things up with another Maine business woman, Roxi Suger of @suger.maine. She creates clothing and accessories made from bamboo + cozy sustainable plant based fibers that breathe and feel so soft on sensitive skin. Her colors are drawn from nature and a rich dose of stretch supports and comforts the body in the most loving way for a great fit across a range of body types and sizes. Plus the clothes are easy to care for and durable. We love this Maine based brand!


I am grateful for the light that shines within each of us and radiates out to warm and fill our hearts.

I am grateful for the sun rising, the sun setting, the life it sustains and the gift of every day to connect with other souls. 

I am grateful for family, friends, home and to work in a beautiful space with the most amazing sweet team! 

I am grateful for the consideration, respect, protection and comfort we offer each other in this challenging time.

I am grateful for the support that our collective community provides and the opportunity to continue serving our angels with comfort and joy. 

I am grateful for the voices that add clarity and strength moving us toward a world filled with more acceptance, more equality, more hope, more love. 

I am grateful to SaltyGirl Beauty for this invitation to reflect on how intensely grateful I am to simply be.   


Sugar Maine has contributed the following to the Gratitude Giveaway: Their Signature Opera Sleeves, The Band and Hourglass

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