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#BadAssLady: Amanda Light of Prim and Propah

A Blogger We Love!

Just like all of the BadAss Ladies that we feature on the blog, Amanda Light of Prim and Propah has a special place in our heart. We met Amanda through the WELL Summit and she quickly became a great supporter of SaltyGirl Beauty! We love what Amanda has created with Prim and Propah and the good vibes, honesty and creativity that she's expressed through her content. We chatted with Amanda, giving her the #BadAssLady treatement!

Your Ultimate Goal in Life 

Gosh that's a question I hadn't really thought about. I guess if I want to accomplish anything in this life, I want to make sure that I raised good humans and tried to move the needle on the big issues facing our society and our environment. I know it seems a little silly to have this be a "goal" per se but I want to make sure that I tried to be the best person that I could be and always treat people with kindness while also speaking up and out about the big stuff. Please don't think I'm cheesy for saying that lol!

What led you down the path of starting your little space on the internet?

When I was first dating my husband, blogging was a sort of new thing. He encouraged me to start a blog to showcase craft projects that I was working on... which then turned into a fashion-esque blog which then, after I became a mother, became more of a lifestyle blog. Now it's important to me to only write and talk about things that are true to me. I'm very much into spreading the good word about being body positive and encouraging people to love and take care of themselves, which has lended itself nicely to my writing and sharing. The blog has been around almost 10 years and I don't see it stopping any time soon!

Is there a #Badasslady that you look up to that has inspired you in what you are doing? 

First and foremost, I love my Mom! Seriously, she put herself through school with three school age kids and now has two Masters degrees so I would say that there is the ultimate in badass ladies to take inspiration from. I have so many women in my life that I look up to that I consider myself to be so super lucky! As I have gotten older, I have made it a point to surround myself with the best people possible, people that encourage me and appreciate my encouragement.

What makes you a #Badass? Give us some of the things you love about yourself!

I love how passionate I can be. I am a lover and I want to take care of everyone and everything. My husband often tells me that I can't save the world... but I am certainly going to try. I love to help out as well. I am willing to help, sometimes to my own detriment lol. I just want to be someone that my people can count on.

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