#BadAssLady: Amy Mustica of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

#BadAssLady: Amy Mustica of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

Amy Mustica of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation isn't just a friend to the SaltyGirls, she's a #BadAssLady who is out there making her work impactful in the cancer support community. We wanted to highlight Amy in our #BadAssLady series because it's important to shout out the women who are doing real work to help make a positive impact in women's lives, something Amy considers lucky to have in a job.

Your Ultimate Goal in Life

To always embrace who I am, and help others do the same. Some days are harder than others but embracing who you are is empowering.

What led you to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation?

I came into my job in a round-about way. I was working freelance for a consulting company and was asked if I could help the foundation with some additional work. At the same time a family member was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

It felt like I was meant to be there in that specific moment. Hayley Dinerman (Executive Director) and Arlene Brothers (Admin. Director) immediately started giving me information to pass along. After that, I realized what kind of impact a foundation like this one can have on someone diagnosed with breast cancer. I get to be a part of that for thousands of women every day.

Is there a #Badasslady that you look up to that has inspired you in what you are doing?

I am so lucky to be surrounded by badass ladies all the time! I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing women throughout my life, some I’ve made my friends and family.

Part of my job is speaking with these resilient women who find inspiration through something life altering. I get to see this inherent power and strength that’s brought out when women need to get something done! I get inspired by them and their stories everyday.

On a more personal note, Ricki Fairley from Dove Marketing, (also our Board Chair), inspired me to change my life after hearing her story. When she was diagnosed with TNBC she made the commitment to get rid of ALL the cancers in her life, not just the one in her breast. Hearing her story really hit home. I decided to follow her lead and check off some big bucket list things in the process, like buying a beach house. Now every morning I take a walk on the beach with my dog and it brings me a sense of peace each morning.

What makes you a #Badass? Give us some of the things you love about yourself!

I am the type of person that doesn’t believe being told “no” is a good enough answer. My mom calls me strong willed; which she hated when I was little but now loves.

I was a stagehand and tour manager in the entertainment business before I came to work for the foundation. Those experiences have pushed me to do things in my personal and professional life that I am now so grateful for. When you do that kind of work you can’t just say no. The show must go on, as they say, so you have to find a solution even if it’s try number 110.

I have learned there is always a way; even if it’s not the path you thought or the thing you expected. When I think of the experiences now it reminds me of what I’m capable of even though it was sometimes terrifying to imagine at first.

You can find the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!


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