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#BadAssLady: Jenna Madore MS RDN LD

 We're crushing on this sweet nutritionist!

"My love and drive for nutrition began when I was a child. Some of my favorite memories include a loud kitchen filled with my sisters, mother and grandmother all preparing food for meals that we would share together, sometimes for holidays and sometimes for no reason other than to be together. I come from a large family who, like many others, gather around food and take pleasure in the tradition of preparing the food. These memories have shaped the way I think about and prepare food, not just to eat, but to enjoy."

- Jenna Madore

We just love Jenna. Working locally in Maine, Jenna has her Bachelor's degree from University of NH and her Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition from New York University... but enough with her stellar credentials. We love Jenna for her gorgeous spirit and all around positive outlook on life while encouraging others to live their healthiest lifestyle whether through nutrition, movement or beyond. We had a little chat with Jenna, in our usual SaltyGirl style, and loved what she had to say!

Your Ultimate Goal in Life

My ultimate goal is enjoy life to its fullest while being my authentic self. I want to say when its all said in done that my business brought joy to my life as well as those that I work with. I have created a beautiful work life balance that brings me happiness that I don’t plan on changing. I will always stay true to myself, never sacrificing my personal time or business goals. Using Savor as my tool, I plan to become a role model in the health and wellness field. I hope to create a community of dietitians where they can practice in a way that speaks
to their soul. I plan to educate Mainers on the simplicity of nutrition, the complexity of behaviors, and the importance of individuality and beauty within.

What led you down the path of starting your business?

I always felt the desire to help people starting at a young age. Then when it came time to pick a major in college, nutrition seemed like a good idea. As time grew on I new classic “counseling” and dietary plans were never the full answer. I was good at what I did. Clients were successful but in my heart I wanted to offer them so much more. I bonded with people on a deeper level and knew I could make a bigger difference in peoples lives and health. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs I knew I had it in me to start my own business. But that didn’t make it any less scary. I wasn’t just a dietitian. I had so much more, even though I didn’t know what that meant.

One day while I was at my previous job, I started searching for health coaching programs. I stumbled upon the institute of integrative nutrition and loved everything about it, except for the price. I asked the universe, if I’m meant to do this then I will some how find the resources to do it. Whelp one week later I got an email stating the program was half off. SOLD. This was the program that allowed me to growth and reflect. I learned I was no longer just a dietitian but a supporter and encourager. I found me niche with helping people accept themselves and make change based on true desire for health improvements not to achieve an unrealistic goal. While developing my passion and skill set at IIN I new I had to go out on my own in order to stay true to who I am. About halfway through the program I met an incredible acupuncturist that just so happened to be looking to rent an office space to a nutritionist.

Once again the universe was looking out for me. I started my business part-time while working part-time for Maine Medical Center. Then 6 months later took the leap and have now had Savor flourishing for over a year as my sole career. It’s been a dream come true.

Is there a #SaltyGirl (Sassy, Badass woman making shit happen) you look up to that has inspired what you are doing?

My favorite #SaltyGirl is my Nana. She has been the perfect example of a woman that makes shit happen! She taught me that there is in nothing more important than family. She demonstrates that caring for others is no burden but the most natural thing you can do. She radiates unconditional love. Her success are inspiring.

What makes you a #Badass? Give us some of the things you love about yourself!

I’d like to think what makes me a #badass is that I am a true believer and practicer of what I preach. Some of the basic concepts of self love and confidence are things I started practicing at young age. I remember starting high school and not recognizing my body and feeling lost. Time went on and months later I remember my aunt and mom asking me “you’re glowing what have you done differently?”. All I said was “I started telling myself I was beautiful and confident in the mirror”. I didn’t think anything of it but what little did I know I was doing daily affirmations and felt them work in my body. I’ve never lost sight of the power acceptance, self love, body kindness, beauty in imperfection, and uniqueness.

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