#BadAssLady: Lin Chen of Pink Moon

#BadAssLady: Lin Chen of Pink Moon

We first met Lin Chen of Pink Moon through WELL Summit. We found her business, style and kind energy to be that of someone we knew we'd like to be friends with! Lin is the mastermind behind Pink Moon Brand Advising, where she's elevating women-owned mission-driven, eco & ethical beauty brands through strategic consulting, marketing + overseas expansion as well as working on a new Pink Moon Wellcare site which is launching soon. Lin is a proponent of ethical consumerism and mindful living, so obviously we're loving what she's bringing to the conversation. She's got all the makings of a #SaltyGirl #BadAssLady so we asked Lin a little bit about what makes her that way.

Image by Lin's Brother

Your Ultimate Goal in Life 

To bring meaningful joy into my life and others. 

What led you down the path of starting your company?

The two underlying philosophies that guided my journey with Pink Moon are my beliefs in the importance of female empowerment and holistic health. With my company, I want to inspire women to start their own businesses, specifically young Asian American women who are vastly underrepresented in the entrepreneurial space. I specifically work with clean wellness brands that are friendly to the earth, mind, body, and spirit. I live a holistic eco lifestyle, so aligning my career with her passion and lifestyle is very important to me.

Is there a #Badasslady that you look up to that has inspired you in what you are doing?

The women I work with! I have evolved my business quite a bit in the last two years, and each decision was prompted by the needs of the brands I work with. I want to help as much as I can and tap into every aspect of each founder’s business so they can fulfill their potential. I am grateful that my passion for eco skincare and activism has become my full-time job!

Image by Beja Grinage

What makes you a #Badass? Give us some of the things you love about yourself!

I am running two businesses right now. One is my current company, Pink Moon, and the other is a pre-launch company – also called Pink Moon. It’s so overwhelming balancing it all, but I feel 100% ready to do this and I know in the end it will be worth it. 

Image by Lin Chen for a Client

You can find Lin on Instagram, Facebook and you can sign up for updates on Pink Moon Co!


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