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#BadAssLady: Michelle Neujahr of nu-yar LLC

Our latest #BadAssLady is Michelle Neujahr, owner and lead consultant of nu-yar LLC out of Portland, ME. We love Michelle-- she's super smart, a contagiously positive straight talker and she helps businesses grow using her creativity and strategy. She's a self proclaimed "big dreamer" and we love that about her! We chatted with Michelle, SaltyGirl style so we'd love it if you got to know her a little better.

Your Ultimate Goal in Life 

My ultimate goal in life is to love full out, to be loved and to LIVE FULLY! In addition, I create a goal board every year for personal, marriage and business goals. It hangs where I can see it every day and inspires me to continue to reach beyond my comfort zone.

What led you down the path of starting your company?  

I grew up listening to motivational speakers and vowed that some day I would be one. My favorite speaker was Zig Ziglar - I truly wanted to be him when I grew up. When I got out of college I couldn’t find a job so I started in direct sales which led me to speaking. By the time I was 25 I was speaking full-time and knew then that I could most likely never work for anyone again. I’m an entrepreneur at heart. Speaking has been an awesome career and led me to the work I do now which is business consulting. I still do a fair amount of speaking but the majority of the work I do is consulting with companies who want to GROW. 

Is there a #Badasslady that you look up to that has inspired you in what you are doing?

My grandma Lavonne - she loved fiercely and fought for who and what she believed in. I knew she loved me and would show up for me no matter what I did. She taught me that it’s not where I start but where I end up that matters.

What makes you a #Badass? Give us some of the things you love about yourself!

I am a big picture person - a dreamer! I’m also a fighter. I have not been afraid to fight for what I believe in and to get a bit messy doing it. From the time I was little I had big dreams and took big risks. Many times I fell flat on my face but I learned that failure didn’t kill me and that the possibility of living my future vision was more fun than the pain in the moment. I love my family - fiercely. I’m also a straight-talker - I tell you what I think and I’m not afraid to get into difficult conversations. I believe we all have both brilliance and messiness inside - I’m definitely both, sometimes all in one hour.

You can find Michelle on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter