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Connecting with Community

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to host a small group of bloggers and influencers in our Maine studio. A girls day is one of our favorite ways to meet the beautiful women of our community, sharing our stories with them and hearing what matters to them when it comes to beauty!

We set up our new selfie ring (taking it for a whirl first of course), brought out our SaltyGirl beauty line and readied ourselves for a fun time playing with makeup and chatting with some fantastic women. Our afternoon did not disappoint.

For those of you not familiar with the SaltyGirl Beauty story, our family was directly affected by cancer and out of that dark time came the beautiful business venture and our charitable organization, Foundation4Love. We love spreading our message and good vibes, especially in person-- so as you can imagine, these types of events are very special to us.


It’s great to reconnect with women in our community and meet new ladies to bring into the SaltyGirl family. Sometimes, it’s just about spending an afternoon with like minded individuals, playing with makeup, taking silly pictures and laughing. It’s in these small moments, we can really take stock and appreciate what we are building at SaltyGirl!