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Enjoy the Last Weeks of Summer: Salty Girl Style

We here at Salty Girl love our Summers in New England. There’s so much to do and with so much extra daylight, the world is our Pemaquid oyster.  But as the days grow shorter and the weather starts to show signs of cooling off, we’re trying to squeeze in some of our favorite Summer activities before it’s too late. Here’s some of our favorite things to do to enjoy the last weeks of Summer, Salty Girl style… hint: it involves being outside!

Enjoy the Last of the Outdoor Concerts: Summer music is arguably the best music. Outdoor venues provide the gentle breezes and cool tunes that always bring out the best in us. From local musicians on the common to headliners at music festivals, we always make sure to have a show or two on our schedule. In our community, live music is scheduled through Labor Day at least to the end of September but if you live in a warmer climate, there are sure to be shows lined up into Fall!

Al Fresco Dining, Please: There will come a time when our local eateries won’t ask us to choose between being seated  in or outdoors… so for as long as they do, we’ll be opting for the patio or deck, preferably with an ocean view. There’s nothing like having an Al Fresco meal with our family and friends; a Salty Girl Summer staple to be sure!

Hike Our Favorite Routes: Getting outdoors is definitely a theme here. We love living in Maine but the seasons are different, sometimes getting cold quite abruptly. We are hitting our local botanical gardens, hiking routes, national parks, walking trails and even the mountains that aren’t too far away. Getting out into nature is one of our favorite things to do and when the weather is as nice as it is this time of year, it makes perfect sense to just get up and go. Looking for an adventure close to home? Find your closest national park here.

Take in a Round of Mini Golf: Is it just us or is mini golf the best? We love a little friendly competition on the course and it’s most certainly something that is easier to play when the weather is nice. Our local amusements are generally seasonal so we always squeeze in a late September round before it’s too late--Loser buys dinner!

Bring a Book Outside: Simply put, reading outside is a simple pleasure in this life. Finding a place to roll out a blanket, bring a snack and read is a little slice of heaven. Whether you’ve got a new read from the library or a book on your e-reader, getting outside is as easy as that: planned or impromptu, we’ll always jump at the opportunity.

It’s not a matter of finding things to do as the Summer ends, it’s a matter of making the time for the things that you enjoy. The fresh seafood, Summer breezes, ice cream cones and concerts are some of our favorites things about the season and we’re making the most out of the last few weeks we have!

What are your favorite ways to wind down the Summer season?

*And since we are in the beauty business, were you wondering what we wear as the Summer comes to an end? We love a no fuss makeup look, a coat of mascara and a light multi stick for lip and cheeks-- Easy for a girl on the go who wants to enjoy every last second of that Summer sunshine.