How a Global Pandemic Brought Real Beauty into Focus

How a Global Pandemic Brought Real Beauty into Focus

2020 and into 2021 has been a year that changed the entire world. No doubt about it, this was a year full of loss: lost time, lost plans, lost moments, lost experiences, and loss of lives.  It is a year that we will never forget, but one that we wish we could, for many reasons. As depressing as the past year was, it also offered opportunities to reevaluate how we live, how we spend our time, and what really is important to us. Learning more about ourselves was a big part of this past year and we want to take those lessons into our future as a sustainable way of life and view of beauty.

We founded our organic beauty and wellness brand, in 2018.  We wanted to change the face of beauty, even then… but among the many things that living through tumultuous times has taught us was that we must look at beauty from many different angles, through different lenses. We created our line of products to promote beauty and self-care before “self-care” was a buzzword. Enhancing one’s natural beauty has been one of our driving forces. Simple, Straightforward, and Easy to use, we wanted SaltyGirl Beauty to take the fussy beauty industry and simplify it for the real woman.

Stemming from Sarah’s cancer diagnosis at 36 years old, we learned what real beauty means, especially during times of struggle. During her treatment, Sarah would look in the mirror and find herself almost unrecognizable, having lost her hair and confidence. In one of the most serendipitous things to happen in our relationship as siblings, Leah’s chosen profession as an oncology nurse not only helped us navigate a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment but also allowed us to build a stronger relationship. That bond resulted in a fateful day where Leah gifted a simple tube of lipstick that helped Sarah to regain her confidence and find a way to redefine her beauty even when societal norms would say differently. We were hooked on that feeling that a little bit of lipstick could wield so much power and impact how we view ourselves. Simple, Straightforward, and Easy yet still empowered… and SaltyGirl Beauty was born.

And here we find ourselves on the other side of a year where so many have struggled and are still struggling. Selfcare isn’t just making time for a bubble bath. Selfcare is about taking care of so much more than your physical looks. We know that some in our community do not have time or resources for the kind of unattainable beauty that we see being pushed on us, so we like to think of ourselves as the opposite of that. We want to prioritize the overall picture, the beauty that we can truly radiate from the inside out. From our mental health to taking care of our skin, we want to focus on what matters. This past year has put a lot of this into focus for us.

Text that reads: From our mental health to taking care of our skin, we want to focus on what matters. This past year has put a lot of this into focus for us.

The past year has kept us at home with our immediate families. Spending more time at home had us wearing more comfortable clothes because comfort was what mattered.  We wore and still wear masks when going out.  Prioritizing safety had us conferencing and socializing on zoom, praying that we had the power to stay sane at home, and using technology to keep up with one another. So what does this have to do with beauty?  The complications of life seem silly when we slow down enough to examine them more carefully. We want to be clear about our priorities when it comes to beauty and what that means to us. As we start seeing ourselves out of the pandemic, and maybe a more normal life, we encourage you to join us in creating a new and more realistic view of beauty. We want to feel beautiful in our bodies, as they see us through struggles. We want to age gracefully with less stress about it. We want to take care of ourselves in meaningful ways, and yes, makeup and scrubs are a part of that, but only a piece of the puzzle.


Our time is very valuable. This can apply to everything, from the people you choose to spend time with the things we choose to spend time doing. From our perspective as a beauty brand, we want to use products that allow us to feel and look beautiful without all the fuss. We want to find ways to simplify our beauty routines, ways to make it easier to get that look that allows us to feel beautiful without taking up our time. At the end of the day, we don’t need an elaborate and time-consuming beauty routine. We need one that fits our busy lives but empowers our vision of beauty. We can be beautiful and powerful without investing too much time. Our time is very valuable.

Our bodies are amazing. After Sarah’s cancer diagnosis, we learned how strong a body can be as she fought the disease. Because of that experience, we were able to look back at the year that we had, it was crystal clear that our bodies carried us through it all. When we thought of our physical appearance, it did not matter nearly as much as it had,  especially in the face of a virus that doesn’t care about what you look like. Body positivity is something that we feel strongly about and after wearing masks and face shields for a good chunk of time, it definitely can help change your perspective on things even further. Our bodies are more than our looks, much more. Our bodies are strong, capable, and carry us through struggles. That is beautiful. Our bodies are amazing.

Text that reads: Our bodies are more than our looks, much more. Our bodies are strong, capable and carry us through struggles. That is beautiful.


What we put in and on our bodies is important.  We just spent a year (and counting) distancing ourselves from germs.  The way we treat our bodies and the way that we treat our planet impacts life.  If anything, we more clearly understand the decisions of what we are doing when we use products that take short cuts.  Clean beauty continues to be on the rise and as a beauty brand, this makes us very happy.  We look forward to the day when “clean” beauty is just beauty.  We look forward to the days when regulations and standards catch up to our goal of keeping people safe from ingredients that are not good for us. We want beautiful lip colors to fit our moods without having to worry about what types of nasty ingredients are lurking in those cosmetics. Beauty should not come at the cost of our health and well being. What we put in and on our bodies is important.

When we are happy, our people are happy.  When we take care of ourselves, we are happy.  When we are happy, our partners are happy, our kids are happy, the people in our circles are happy. When we focus on our well being, it can only benefit the people around us.  When we don’t take care of ourselves, our stresses, our anxieties, and our unhappiness, it trickles down to them.  During the time of the pandemic, we have been particularly stressed and as working mothers, we are acutely aware of the difficulties in juggling our needs.

Finding ways to recharge our batteries and finding that time to feel like ourselves, is no small feat. We know that we don’t typically look at happiness as a form of beauty, but this year it has become crystal clear that to be happy is to exude your inner beauty. Being burnt out and stressed isn’t a good look so creating a self-care routine is on the top of our list of priorities, as individuals and as a beauty brand. When we are happy, our people are happy… and that’s beautiful.

We have been fortunate enough to see our beauty brand through this past year and have created a small team of like-minded women to share our vision with. We all know firsthand how hectic life can be, but we hope that we continue the conversation about beauty, not just in terms of our physical appearance, but in regards to our lives as a whole. Beauty and wellness should not be a commodity to be bought and sold, but a state of mind that we can create with thoughtful conversations, delicious but simple products, and optimism based on reality.


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