Leading With Kindness

Leading With Kindness

Kindness is our jam!

With all that's going on in the world, we pride ourselves in prioritizing kindness. Kindness is something that everyone is capable of giving and something that everyone wants to receive. Leading with kindness may not always be easy but if you are a tenderhearted person like us, you'll be happy that you made the effort.

You can read books on leading with kindness (we're referring to the managerial sense here) or take courses on creating zen in your life but we mostly mean "leading with kindness" in a way that is a lifestyle, a way to lead a life full of kindness, creating a better world with small, but meaningful steps. This may not be natural for some people but with persistence and a change in mindset, we can be leaders in our lives and communities, showing that people can be thoughtful, mindful and caring while also being strong, successful and badass.

Our favorite ways to show kindness:

Mamas, We See You

As mothers ourselves, we know that the world can be a pretty bratty place, especially with our kids in it- ha! But seriously, we know what it's like to be out and about, have your kids in tow, and find that people are just not pleased to see you and your crew in their space. We're here to tell you that kids are humans who have as much a right to be in this world as everyone else, and showing them kindness shows them what people are capable of and how they should behave. We are always kind to parents in our circle, our community and strangers we meet out at the grocery store. It's the small compliments or jokes that can help a frazzled mama make it through her day... and who knows, you could be that mama that needs support the next go around. We're here to tell you that if you have the opportunity to help a Mama (or Dad!) that looks like they're struggling with their kids, it would mean the world to them if you held the door, gave them a kind word, said "been there!" or something to show them that little bit of kindness.

 Little Treats for Strangers

We're not saying that you should be spending all of your cash on people you don't know but we're also saying that sometimes surprising a stranger with a little treat can make everyone's day. Once in awhile, we'll buy a handful of $5 coffee gift cards to keep in our purse. Then you have something on hand to gift to a stranger who may have shown you kindness or who looks like they need a pick me up. Writing a little note "coffee or tea on me!" is cute and even if the immediate reaction is shock (sometimes people don't know what to do with kindness, seriously), they'll think of you fondly later, even if they do think you're a bit of a weirdo... but hey, we embrace our weird! It doesn't have to be coffee, use your imagination, but spreading kindness is as easy as treating someone to a cup of joe and you'll feel great too! 

Don't Be Quick to Snap

It can happen to the best of us, snapping when we're frustrated... but we find that when we snap or have a short fuse, we end up carrying guilt of the hurt we may have caused the person on the other end of our frustration. This can be spouses, kids, grocery store clerks or really anyone that you come into contact with. Everyone is dealing with their own sh!t and they don't need ours too, truly. Taking that quick moment to gauge our reaction to things before expressing ourselves has been a huge step in being kinder, even when dealing with difficult situations. And when we have been kinda beastly? Well, we are not above apologizing, not even to our kids. Saying you're sorry and truly meaning it can make a very big impact. 

Be Kind to Yourself

This may seem like a given but we are often our own worst enemies. Showing kindness to ourselves whether it's squashing negative talk, prioritizing self care or feeding our body properly, women and mothers can sometimes be the least kind to themselves. When we are loving to ourselves, the people in our lives will see that we value what we have to offer, who we are, and are conditioned to treat themselves with respect and kindness as well... not to mention, they're more likely to replicate that behavior in their interactions. Kindness has a way of rippling, you know "paying it forward". When you're kind, whether to yourself or to others, the love can only spread.

Lead with kindness people. Let's make our world a better place to be!


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