Less is More: A Strong Foundational Beauty Routine

Less is More:  A Strong Foundational Beauty Routine

There is beauty in simplicity

Life comes at you fast some days and we know what it's like to barely get our crew out of the house in one piece. No one ever said that we have to look like a fashion forward modern woman, all made up, every single day but we do feel like it's important to have a strong foundational beauty routine. Our skin needs to be protected, even if we're having a leggings and school drop offs kind of morning. These are our favorite products for healthy skin!

A Great Face Wash

We always have to wash that face! Seriously, in the morning and before bed, washing our faces is one of the most important things we do in our day. Cleaning off the day's grime and gunk is important not just for your skin itself, but having a ritual to round out your day, leaves you feeling refreshed and clean before bed. We'd recommend a couple of different cleansers, especially if you have skin that has different sensitivities depending on weather, the time of the month and hormonal breakouts. Our favorite gentle (and affordable) cleanser is Ursa Major's Face Wash

A Good Toner

Never used a toner? We hadn't either but once we did, we realized the true value of this first step in a great beauty routine. Toner does a number of things like add an extra step of cleansing removing excess oil and dirt, balancing the ph of your skin and helping to prevent and calm skin irritated by acne.  A fresh first step, laying the groundwork for a great routine is Face/Food Flower Power Toner

A Fantastic Face Oil

This one is a tough sell for some people. There's just this aversion to putting oil on our faces, especially if we typically have oily or combination skin. We're here to tell you that a light, fast absorbing face oil can make all the difference is having clear, moisturized skin. The skin needs oil to maintain a healthy balance and a face oil that works perfectly with your skin can help prevent fine lines, wrinkles and breakouts. One of our favorite all purpose face oils comes from Violets are Blue Skincare.

Tinted Moisturizer with an SPF

For a day where full makeup just isn't going to happen, a tinted moisturizer packs a punch as a product that covers a bunch of bases. Helping to even out skin, while delivering extra moisturizer and an SPF... we swoon at the thought of so much multitasking with application! Jane Iredale's Dream Tinted Moisturizer comes in a variety of shades and adds an SPF 15 to protect your body's largest organ.

A Signature Lipstick

Of course, this one is part of our foundational routine. We've found that a touch of lipstick does so much for us outside of just the physical appearance. Adding lipstick or a light gloss before leaving the house makes you look and feel put together even if you're actually a bit frazzled just trying to get the day started. Our Anna Shade is the perfect everyday lip color in any season.

 What are your skincare recommendations?


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