6 Memorable Holiday Ideas When you Can’t be Together

6 Memorable Holiday Ideas When you Can’t be Together

The holidays are bound to look a lot different this year. With the COVID restrictions, most families and friends can’t get together in their traditional manner. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost! Thanks to technology and a little creativity, there are plenty of ways to make the holidays even more memorable this year. We want our SaltyFamily to be safe but we also want your holidays to be merry and bright! 


Virtual Gift Swaps

This idea is one of our favorites. (Psss. we love gift giving!) Even if you can’t get together in person, you can still swap gifts, just make it a virtual gift swap. Here’s how: Pick one person to randomly assign names to everyone. Email or text the names to the individuals. Each person shops for their ‘secret person’ and mails the gift to them. No one opens their gifts until your designated virtual party. TIP: Make sure to give everyone a mail/drop off by date so no one gets left out.

Coordinated Movie Nights

This idea is super easy to pull off and can even be repeated after the holiday season!  You can still have movie nights thanks to Netflix Party. It’s just a simple extension that allows up to 50 people to watch a movie together. While you can’t talk during it (you shouldn’t talk in a movie anyway), you can text.

Make it fun – have a theme, play some games before or after the movie, and enjoy your time together, even though you’re far away. TIP: Take turns choosing the movie or pool suggestions and pick one out of a hat at movie time!

Host a Gingerbread House Competition

Everyone can get in the fun on this one. Using Zoom, FaceTime, or your favorite video chat, get everyone on at the same time and make your gingerbread houses. Assign a judge, play some holiday music, and see who comes out the ultimate winner in the big competition.

Play Holiday Bingo

Have a little fun and organize holiday Bingo. Set up prizes (eGiftcards of course) and enjoy some holiday fun. Throw on some Christmas tunes, decorate your house, and have fun playing games with your friends and family. Get creative with your Bingo – calling full card, diagonal Bingo, and other crazy combinations to make it last longer and a little more challenging to keep the fun alive.

Host a Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Want to get everyone moving (and laughing)? Try a virtual holiday scavenger hunt. Make up a list of things everyone needs to find, like an ugly Christmas sweater, a stocking, Santa hat, cinnamon, mistletoe, or other holiday items. Play until everyone finds their items and then have a contest on who has the best items (best mistletoe, best stocking, etc.). TIP: You can tie this into other virtual party ideas if you usually have day long celebrations with family!

Host a Craft Night

If you always get together with your girls and do a holiday craft, just make it virtual today! Everyone can get their own supplies or one person can be in charge of the entire thing and ship them out. Just make sure everyone has what they need to make the night a success. This is also a perfect option for kids as well. We love getting the cousins together at holiday time but setting them up on Zoom with a craft, some hot cocoa and holiday music is a great option for this year!

Don’t let the pandemic get in the way of your holiday fun. While it may look a little different – there are plenty of ways you can have fun and make the most of this time. Hop on a virtual meeting with your friends and family and come up with your own fun this holiday season!

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