On Turning 40

On Turning 40

A Milestone Birthday

This past weekend was my birthday. I am not one of those people that wants to be 30 forever. I am proud of my age. People dread birthdays as they get older and I think that it's so silly… if we don’t turn that next number it means only one thing has happened… you get my drift?

So although getting older can be a little scary at times, I wear my age as a badge of honor. Really, I think everyone should! I remember turning 30 and I was so excited to say that I'd made it, I was finally 30. I felt like it added legitimacy to who I was and what I had accomplished thus far in my life. As I look past on the last 10 years I am overwhelmed with emotion. I see my little 10 year movie playing in my head. I got my MBA, I met my husband, we had 3 kids, we moved from Boston to Maine, I started my own company and I beat Cancer. FUCK! My 30’s had the highest highs a person can experience and the lowest lows.

Now as I look at my 40’s, I must say that I'm a little nervous. 40 feels different to me. Maybe it is because I'm exhausted (I have a 9 month old who refuses to sleep) or maybe it's the stigma that younger is better. Growing up, 40 was always said to be “over the hill”. Maybe it's because 50 is the next decade I am going to hit. Maybe it's because everyone says the wrinkles come out, the metabolism slows and the age begins to show in your 40’s. EXCITING STUFF.  That all said,  I've decided not to go along with these ridiculous notions of age. Instead, I'm embracing my age and looking at my 40’s as a Fabulous and Fun Adventure!  Here's my list at conquering my 40’s with style, adventure and grace:

Take care of my skin.

I might embrace the idea of 40 but I want to continue to look my best self---I am not into the idea of botox---that shit scares me, I mean I barely take an Advil, there is no way I am injecting myself with who knows what. Instead----I am dedicated to drinking 80 oz of water a day and continuing to be diligent with sunscreen. Personally I invest in monthly facials and skincare products that feed my skin. I think this is so important to your skin health.

Enjoy the moment.

SaltyGirl means so much to me. I love this company, our mission and what Leah and I are building but it can take over sometimes (ALL THE TIME). I am often times sneaking in some social media on my phone or opening up my laptop to get some emails in or finishing up some creative we have come up with and I miss out on play time with the kids----I want to dedicate certain hours where I am 100% focused on family---no distractions between the hours of 5-7.

Live a Joyous life.

I was in a cab this weekend in NYC and the driver and I were talking. We were talking about the Celtics. He was telling me how he loved the C’s when Larry Bird was on the team. Then he looked at me and said "I know I'm old." He didn't look old to me by the way. So I said "well how old are you?" Don't you know, he said that he was turning 40 this year. So I laughed and said "I am 40 today!" So then we started talking about being 40. And I said that I think you stay young by living a joyous life. We were at a stop light and he turned around to look at me and said, "Man, yeah I love that!" And I do too….so I am sticking to that notion. Here's to living a joyous life!


Luckily with 3 kids I am never not moving. But making an effort to move, be active, spend time outdoors, is so important for your overall health. That one is simple but for me does take a lot of effort---often times making dedicated time to move is the last thing I make time for.

Being Mindful.

Throughout the years I have struggled with this a bit. I recently heard someone say, "practicing mindfulness does not mean sitting quietly with a clear mind"—this can be intimidating. It it can mean waking up before the kids, making yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and sitting to think about your day. THIS I CAN DO! So this is my list to stay young in heart, mind and hopefully skin.

Here's to 40, 50, 60 and beyond- Sarah


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