Our 2020 Vision

Our 2020 Vision


Hey SaltyGirl Community!

We’re a few days late but we are so excited to share with you our 2020 vision (and we think it is going to be even more kickass than 2019!)  Our whole approach going into 2020 is accountability and if we say it out loud, sharing it to the world, then there is no turning back. We’re eating less chocolate but drinking more wine in 2020, just getting that out of the way before we start hehe.

By now, we hope you have realized that SaltyGirl Beauty isn’t just products (AMAZING PRODUCTS), but we have created a Wellness brand that encourages women that are moms, entrepreneurs, career focused, adventure seeking, badass women like yourselves. We really do want to reach women out there kicking ass and taking names!   


Continue reading on to learn which Themes (and Hashtags) will be following us throughout 2020…



Who run this motha?  Girls.

Okay so this is the thing, ladies if you’ve  got an opinion then you should share it. Stop apologizing. Ask the question that everybody wants the answer to. And remember this -- somebody else’s opinion of you is none of your damn business. Let them think what they want, you’re rocking your own #FeelingSalty vibes in 2020. We LOVE what our personal trainer, Alanna said in her instagram post a couple days ago, “If your goals are not crazy then they are too small.” HELL YES. 

We included some words by the one and only Beyonce to help remind us of what powerful, dragonladies we are:

"I'm bigger than life / My name in the lights / I'm the number one chick / Don't need no hype." - Beyonce.


In 2020 we are owning who we fucking are…..are you snoring yet?  We know the same old story, ‘be you’, ‘own who you are’ but at the start of each year we get the opportunity to press reset and we, personally, take every chance we can to reflect on what is not working and where we can tweak.  Ladies we get one wild and precious life and DAMN, are we making it the best we can. Owning our beauty means no apologizing for who we are or where we are on during our personal journey with our body. With that being said, we are trying like hell (sometimes this is easy and sometimes this can be harder) to appreciate what we love about ourselves. So in 2020 we want to build a community where we can own our shit together…...please join us!  

"When I was younger, I think I took a lot for granted and would beat myself up over things that were unnecessary," Now it's like, whatever state I'm in, whatever shape my body's in [works for me]. I think you just have to really appreciate that this is what's beautiful, this is you!"   Jennifer Anison



This year is the year of the Moms. Yes, we are talking to you badass, selfless, busy as F*ck women who do it all. Let’s use 2020 to create a space for ourselves. Yes,  we’re talking about that one word called #selfcare. I don’t know how many times we heard it in 2019 from other Moms saying,“I just don’t have time.” EARTH TO BABYMAMA - yes, you do. You’ve got 30 minutes to do something that YOU LOVE to do because you know what?! There is still 23 hours and 30 minutes left to pack how many lunches for school, iron how many outfits for work and grocery shop for how many meals you plan on making. There’s no excuses. So please, let’s empower and support each other on this. If we need to miss one of our kids basketball games or dance lessons because we want to get a quick gym session in or even go get a cocktail with a bestie, let’s support this… and  give each other a high five!

From these Badass Moms to the next Badass Mom here are words of wisdom by Mrs. Michelle Obama, a Badass Mom:

“So sometimes I just sort of step back a second, and while I’m stepping back, I talk. I reach out to my friends, my mom, my girlfriends; I vent, I release, I have sounding boards, I get pep talks from colleagues and staff, and then I go back in … We each have to find our own coping mechanisms — and this isn’t just in terms of the hesitation of finding our voice, but in how we deal with our own stress. It’s almost like sports. You have to learn how to play through a loss, play through pain, play through an embarrassing decision on the field. Maybe you get a time-out, you go on the sidelines, but you’re going to get back in.”


Have you been reading our Badass Women Blog series?  We plan to continue highlighting fearless, powerful, changing the world women in 2020. These women are working in wonder ways from big to small, to create the world they want to live in! In our opinion there is nothing more kickass than women supporting other women. Putting out into the universe some of the Badass women we would love to collaborate with this year!  

  • Lauren Bush Lauren who created her FEED bags and proceeds give back to feeding the hungry!  How AMAZING and Cool is that!  
  • Shalane Flanagen is a local New England gal, which we love!  And she is one kick ass runner, as an olympic athlete and NYC Marathon winner!  And also has published best selling cookbooks that WE are obsessed with…..Run Fast.Eat Slow.
  • Amri Kibbler and Katya Libin are Founders of HeyMama! A super amazing community empowering moms and entrepreneurs kicking ass.  

Okay Universe, are you listening?!


Travel and seeking adventure has been added to our bucket list this year. It starts with our trip to L.A. in March where we will be taking part in  the Young Survivor Coalition! Of course, NYC has become our second home, so multiple trips are in store for us there. Then we’re headed off to Philly for the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Conference and of course we  can’t forget our very own Warrior Revolution in Maine and New Jersey! We also cannot wait to travel with our families this year - Sarah to Florida with her family (perhaps not super relaxing but always fun making memories with the kiddos!) and Leah and her husband will be traveling to the romantic island of St. John in April. 

But the ONE adventure that awaits is what is in store for us with SaltyGirl Beauty.  To see our brand grow in products and in collaborations with other successful companies is an adventure like no other. 

Cheers to the year of 2020. Cheers to YOU and Cheers to this #BADASS community we are creating. 

Do epic shit this year!


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