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Our Easy Skincare Tips for Cold Weather

When there's a chill in the air, your skin needs extra care!

Being from New England, we know a little something about the affects the change in weather can have on your skin. With the seasonal tempuratures dipping well into the freezing range in our near future, we have some tried and true skincare tips that keep our face, hands and body moisturized and comfortable throughout the Fall and Winter months!

Don't Crank Up the Heat

In the Winter months, turning the heat up on high can seem like a natural progression as the weather gets colder but cranking it up too much can cause the air in your home to be dry, causing your skin to pay the price. Skin becoming dry, flaky and sometimes even cracked can cause annoying itchiness and even pain, ouch! Finding the happy medium on your thermostat may take some trial and error but your body's largest organ will thank you! (pssst. we're talking about your skin!)

Keep Moisture in the Air and in your Body

A solution to the above dry air issue can be the addition of humidifiers in your dryer rooms (or all of them if you want!). Additionally, hydrating more (drink more water) can help your skin from the inside out and prevent dryness from winning the day. We love to keep a water bottle handy, no matter the time of year while also being mindful of the air in our home and workplace!

Mindful Exfoliation

We love a good exfoliation but in the colder months we have to be careful as scrubbing too much can increase dryness and flaky skin. If you are finding that after exfoliating, your skin is feeling raw (even with your moisturizer), then you'll probably want to dial back on exfoliating until you're feeling more hydrated. If you're skin is tolerant and appreciative of exfoliation in the Fall and Winter, then keep it in your routine as it can help with skin regeneration which helps your skin absorb your moisturizer better. We're a big fan of the SaltyGirl Salt + Sugar Body Scrubs

Invest in Good Moisturizers

This may seem like a given but depending on the time of year, you may need to switch up the moisturizer and serum game to accomodate the seasonal changes to your skin. We recommend keeping your face and body moisturized and also carrying along products to spot check your skin during the day. Our friends over at Organic Bath Co. create an amazing body butter that is the perfect go to for hands, face and body, especially when you need a boost in moisture! Violets are Blue Skincare has a Face+Body Lotion that is awesome for sensitive skin, using argan, coconut, avacado, castor, sesame and essential lavender oils to pack a punch of vitamins. Skincando's entire Combat Ready line is a fantastic line of defense for even the dryest of skin. Finding that perfect fit for your Winter skin can mean that you have to try a couple of different things but your skin will thank you for putting in the work!

These are our favorite (and easy) ways to keep our skin hydrated and our routine has become pretty rock solid headed into the colder Fall and Winter months-- that said, we love to hear what you're using to keep the moisture game strong!

What do you use for skincare in the colder months?