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Our Special Dempsey Center Events

Something that we've been working on this year is getting out into our community, spreading the good vibes and making women feel beautiful. We are especially seeking to uplift and enrich the lives of women who are survivors or are currently undergoing treatment for cancer. It means so much to us when we are able to share our story, hear others' stories and affect someone's life positively.

We've met many amazing women on our journey and one of those amazing women is Cynthia Besteman of  Violets are Blue Skincare. She's not just a close friend, she has become a partner in so many awesome things. We launched Cancer Wellness Expo with her and are working on some other exciting things to come. She made the trek up to Maine this past week to continue the work to create uplifting and educational workshops for women, Warrior Revolution.

We can't wait to tell you more about our plans for Warrior Revolution but first want to tell you about the events we did last week at Maine's Dempsey Center! We set out to help redefine beauty for the women we met with. We asked "How do you feel about yourself right now? What do you love about yourself? Would you change anything if you could?". We wanted to start changing the conversations we have around physical beauty and what it means to radiate beauty from the inside out. 

After undergoing treatment, there's a "new normal" and navigating that can be a cluster. What works for one person might not work for another. Body image difficulties are very common as a result of treatment. There are so many ways that the body can change so we made it a point to discuss some of these things and get them out in the open. We want to normalize these concerns as a way to reduce shame, embarrassment and stigma.  

It's important to not just talk about the issues but also ways to combat them. Self love is a journey but there are practical things that we can do to set that positive trajectory. We wanted the ladies to know what dangers could lie in their every day beauty products, what ingredients to avoid and what ingredients to seek out. It's amazing when we can give people some simple tools and takeaways that can genuinely change their lives.

We ran a 90 minute session and would you believe that everyone stayed after to get their makeup done by us? So amazing and FUN! We loved hearing everyone's individual stories, sharing the power of a little lipstick and even offering a bit of that transformative power of beauty to our community. Finding that this is our passion, providing motivation, education, beauty and love to the women we meet... this is what it's all about.

Stay tuned for more information about Warrior Revolution coming soon!