Currently Obsessed: Our Top 5 Beauty Picks

Currently Obsessed: Our Top 5 Beauty Picks

We're kind of obsessed


When you're obsessing over your newest beauty discovery, what's the first thing you do? You tell anyone who will listen about it! We absolutely love it when we get the best advice from our girlfriends so why wouldn't we do the same for you guys? When you get the good word on the best beauty products, we expect you to share the wealth... well, we have some favorites right now that we just can't shutup about! From the SaltyGirls to you, these are the beauty products that we are totally into right now.


Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

This type of hair dryer brush type of contraption has been around for ages but we've just recently (re)discovered it and the wonders it creates in your hair. Think of a salon level blowout without actually having to go to the salon. It may take a little practice, and we most definitely blow our hair upside down for a little extra volume, but this piece of hair equipment is making our lives, and hairstyles, a lot easier!

Halova Head Massager

For one, this cute little tool is easy enough for even your kids to use, which is handy when you feel like having your kids give you a head massage! The little balls stimulate your scalp and helps release natural oils. We've even heard of people using it in the shower to get all that conditioner in through curly hair. Such an affordable little tool that we're totally into right now... you'll just find us over here with our wine and our head massager hehe.



Violets are Blue Skincare Magnesium Deodorant

Our friend Cynthia over at Violets are Blue skincare has spent a lot of time and effort creating this absolutely amazing deodorant. It goes on clear, smooth and scent free. No Baking Soda, No Essential Oils, No Arrowroot, and No Smell. We absolutely adore this deodorant and not just because we adore VAB, it's really just that good!

Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Mask

Such a little treat this mask is. It's a one time use deal, so while we won't use this all the time, we love to pack this in our bags when we are traveling. Once you open the little package, the mask start heating up, with a light jasmine scent. Place on your eyes and the heat reeeeeally relaxes you. The heat lasts about 15 minutes which is just long enough to lull us to sleep or get a nice meditation sesh in. For $5 a pop, these are a great treat for Mamas after a rough day or ladies on the go, traveling for work!

Farmaesthetics Deep Lavender Rub

Do you love Vick's Vaporub but want something more natural? This fantastic Lavender rub from Farmaesthetics will do just the trick! Use it for chest congestion like you would the Vicks or for sinus relief. We also like to use it for sore muscles after tough workouts, and to rub into sore feet too. This little jar smells strong but we are loving it, especially this time of the year!


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