Our Trip to Young Survivor Coalition

Our Trip to Young Survivor Coalition

Hi guys, Leah here! You have probably noticed that we've been traveling a lot lately but it's been for a good reason! We just got back from Austin, TX and what a trip it was...This past weekend was a roller coaster of emotions for me at the Young Survivor Coalition where SaltyGirl Beauty was asked to lead a breakout session in Green Beauty. We were excited to speak and then also be one of the amazing vendors popping up there. We flew in late Thursday night, but that didn’t stop me and my counterpart, Cynthia Besteman from Violets are Blue Skincare from taking our long walk enjoying the beautiful scenery of an Austin morning. Overcast, but 70 degrees, is always a bonus when you’re from Maine and dealing with the winter blues.

All day Friday and Saturday, Cynthia and I did mini “Glow-Overs”, which is our new expression that we like to use, rather than us  saying “make-over” – let’s all face it, women don’t need to be made over, but it is nice to change up your appearance and enhance the natural beauty. We attended to over 100 women throughout the weekend... damn,  did it feel good talking with them, making them feel better about themselves. What resonated with me the most this weekend is that when women look good, they feel a whole hell of a lot better about themselves.

I took SO much out of this special weekend but I've got some major ones that I'd like to share with you guys.

Women are #BadAss, 100 Percent

There were so many women that I met this past weekend who were living with all stages of breast cancer, women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and on. Even as a nurse who has heard her fair share of stories, I was deeply affected. Hearing women being misdiagnosed or having stage 1 and then 3 years later, recurring to stage 4 was eye opening. These women are doing nothing but living their best lives. But also, something you should know is that the LAST thing they want from you is sympathy. The vibe there was so truly uplifting and showed what badass sisterhood is all about.

 Be Kind to Yourself

During our breakout session, Warrior Revolution, we did an interactive exercise with the women we were lucky enough to present to.  We had women turn to the woman sitting next to them and point out a feature that makes them beautiful and in return that woman had to say, “Thank you.” You probably won’t believe the amount of hesitation and silence that was going on when we explained what we were going to do. But we weren’t stopping until we spread some good vibes. After finally breaking the silence, over 50 women started sharing, laughing and lots of “thank you’s” were being thrown out. We absolutely loved it! And the best part is that after the session when we continued with our “glowovers” at our booth, women continued to just say thank you after being complimented, accepting what beauty they possessed. It’s that simple. Just say “Thank You” and throw out the negative self talk.

Glowovers are a must

Ladies, if you attended YSC, you understand what I mean by this. How FUN was booth 314!? At one point we had a line of 15 women waiting to share the loveliness of SaltyGirl Beauty and Violets are Blue Skincare… and what about the badass women who were sitting on the floor waiting for Cynthia and I to get back from our breakout session? We were so touched.  I think what women loved most about SaltyGirl Beauty was the simplicity and how easy it was to apply. But, as you can imagine, the ultimate (and best) part of this was how surprised the women were once they looked in the mirror- They all felt absolutely beautiful.

Fuck Cancer, Enough Said.

I think my favorite part of attending this Summit was that it was the first time that I honestly could say that I was able to impact people on a nursing level. Nursing will always be my number one passion, but then also being able to lead with my product line, SaltyGirl Beauty and see the effects it had on women, was a blessing. I loved how I was able to talk about our makeup but also about their treatments, side effects and the future all while Glowing them over. So enriching for all of us!

Thank you again to YSC Summit and the team that made this incredible weekend happen. We couldn't have been more excited about how the weekend turned out but we're even more excited to see y’all next year!


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