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SaltyGirl Beauty Turns Two!

Happy Birthday SaltyGirl, You haven't aged a day!

SaltyGirl Beauty turns two years old this month...Happy Anniversary to us! Can you believe it? The most beautiful things are being created over here at SaltyGirl HQ and it's not just the makeup or bath products. We're creating real relationships, a great community and a business that is run with passion, determination and our whole hearts invested.

From the beginning of our journey with SaltyGirl, we've always set out to be a beauty brand that provides quality products that not only work but really do make you feel loved and comfortable in your own skin. We want to support you, the real women who want to feel beautiful no matter the struggles. We know you want to have accesible clean beauty and we've got your back. We want you to know that we're committed to you and to this brand that we've built.

As we enter our third year, we want to sit down and count our blessings, reviving our attitude of gratitude. From our progress with Foundation4Love to our Warrior Revolution efforts, we're taking our love for this community and trying to create change. We've been incredibly fortunate that our hard work has landed us in Down East Magazine, Women's World, spots on the 207 Morning Show and Buddy to Buddy Show not to mention local coverage here in Maine! We cannot believe how much has been accomplished in just two years. It's not always easy juggling the many moving pieces of our lives, families and business but seeing the impact that we've made in these past two years has been life changing. 

We hope that you'll continue to be a part of this journey and as a part of the SaltyGirl Beauty family, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support, encouragement, and love has meant the world to us!

With all our love,