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Sassy Spring Shades from SaltyGirl Beauty

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’”

-Robin Williams

Spring is here and we're so excited to head outside, enjoy the sunshine, get our kids some fresh air and just all around live the life! Spring is one of our favorite seasons and for good reason. The flowers, Easter egg hunts, rain boots and of course, our favorite SaltyGirl Beauty Spring shades! We've rounded up some of our favorite SGB Spring items so we can kick off this season, looking our very best!

Rosa is our prettiest bubble gum pink and always makes us think of beautiful tulips, especially this time of year. A couple of swipes of this shade and you can jet off to preschool pickup or drinks with the girls, it's that versatile!

We like to say that Anna is a shade similar to if pink and purple got married. We love it's subdued shade because you really can wear it anytime or anywhere. We know quite a few SaltyGirls who swear that Anna is their everyday shade!

Our multi sticks are perfect for any season but we love to build the Ali for a rosy touch, especially over a tinted moisturizer for a dewy look.

What is your favorite SaltyGirl Beauty Spring shade?