Selfcare Ideas from Real Women

Selfcare Ideas from Real Women
We're always so interested to learn what other women do for selfcare. Taking care of yourself, even in the best of times, can be a bit of a struggle... but let's be honest, we aren't in the best of times right now. So we wanted to know how real women in our community are making time for themselves, nurturing their mind, body and souls, in order to get through each day as best as they can! 
Whether it's getting a quick workout in or simply just eating your lunch in peace (we're looking at you Moms), we wanted to know what keeps these ladies running when sometimes we're really just running on empty. Meet these #BadassLadies in our community then let us know what YOU are doing for selfcare these days!


Meet Fawn, SAHM, Zyia Active Rep, Group Exercise Instructor:

 “I try to get some form of exercise in daily for my self care.  My workout time not only recharges me and boosts my endorphins but gets my mind right to be a happier & healthier Mom, wife and person in general!”


Meet Alexa, Affordable fashion and lifestyle influencer:

"My self-care routine is simple! I focus on skincare, me time, and a cold glass of Rose after a tough workday to get my mind off the day. The most important part of self-care I think is to put you first and take care of your needs."



Meet Marietta, SAHM, Freelance writer/illustrator

"Since March I've been in and out with a few different things: boxing, gardening, running, art, writing, and breathing. Or, trying to remember to breathe. Take a minute and sit, play with my 4 yr old, draw with him, show him cool stuff outside. Acknowledging how incredibly lucky my family is at this time. There has been a lot of focus on my son and his well being, and until now I didn't realize that there were things that I have been consistently doing for myself."



Meet Meghan, Account Executive, mother of 2 & barely holding on to the pull-up bar:

"These past few months I have been doing my best to be active every day and virtually connected to my local gym. Daily neighborhood walks/bike rides with my young children and a 30 minute cardio workout have helped keep me somewhat centered during these unprecedented times!"


Meet Sonya, Survivor and Founder, StyleEsteem Wardrobe:

“During this time, I am making sure my hair karma is serving me. By doing little things first thing in the morning, like oil conditioning my tresses and covering them with a dressy head wrap, I am supporting my hair health through the pandemic. Making my hair presentable early in the day also gives me confidence as I work from home and explore new projects. #QuarantineHairDontCare!”


Meet Emily, SAHM, Safer Beauty advocate, and community builder:

"I crave grounding and connection, which has manifested in two ways—getting outside and building a positive community. I start my day enjoying a cup of coffee with my bare feet in the grass, before the rest of the house wakes up. Those few minutes of stillness give me the positive energy I need to put myself first so that I can show up for others. During quarantine I built a community of vibrant women who prioritize wellness and self care. Connecting with these like-minded women has given me a new sense of purpose during these uncertain times." 

It's inspiring to see so many women in our community make time for themselves. It can seem like we've been conditioned to always put others before ourselves... but we're here to tell you that selfcare is everything. We always like to encourage a swap to natural beauty as a great step forward in selfcare. Also, we love the simplicity of a relaxing bath. Just remember, it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, it's about giving yourself a little love once in awhile!

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