What is Skin Mapping?

What is Skin Mapping?

Ok, you guys, we’re gonna get real over here. Anyone out there still get breakouts? *raises hand* … You know those good ol’ pimples, those awful whiteheads that pop up out of nowhere, especially before a big event or hot date? Just like you, we still get them, even into our 30’s and beyond. Jumping into our 30’s and 40’s, and of course as clean beauty brand owners, we started paying really close attention to our skin. It’s our largest organ so giving it the attention that it deserves, makes the most sense! We’ve been doing research and listening to podcasts on selfcare. Something that kept coming up was skin mapping… and let’s just say, it piqued our interest in a major way!

Skin Mapping is a type of Chinese medicine that uses your face as an insight into what is going on in your body. It is rooted in Ayurvedic teachings and connects certain areas of your face to an organ or body part so you can treat any issues that might be affecting you. We thought this was such a good topic, that we thought it would be a super fun idea to have a cocktail hour, some yummy wine and snacks, of course some of our makeup and then most importantly, our friend Jenna Madore, owner of Savor Health. We set up Jenna’s beautiful office space to welcome women in our community, that like us, wanted to learn more about Skin Mapping!

So we’re going to give you the lowdown on what we learned and we hope that you find this information as interesting as we did! You’ll be surprised to learn that redness, dry patches or acne can be directly attributed to the inner workings of your body. Each part of your face is linked to certain organs – yes we know this sounds strange, but listen up and take a minute to read!


Forehead— Small Intestine (digestion)

Cause: Excessive fat, processed and/or alcohol consumption

Things worth trying: Decreased rich foods, excessive sugar, and alcohol.

Increase water.  Consider elimination diet.  Work on decreasing stress.

Supplements that are supportive:  Digestive enzymes and/or probiotic.


T-Zone — Liver

Cause: Excessive fat and/or alcohol consumption

Things worth trying: Decreased rich foods and alcohol.

Increase water and herbal tea.  Work on decreasing stress.

Supplements that are supportive:  Milk thistle and Burdock root are supportive to the liver        


Nose— Heart (blood pressure)

Cause: Stress or Elevated blood pressure

Things worth trying: decrease stress and fatigue.  Increase heart healthy fats

(raw nuts, fatty fish, avocados, flax or chia seeds)

Supplements that are supportive: Omega-3.  


Cheeks— Lungs

Cause: Air pollution or smoking

Things worth trying: Try to avoid environmental toxins.  Anti-inflammatory diet.

Supplements that are supportive: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, or collagen.  


Chin—Reproductive system (hormones)

Cause: irregular hormones related to menstrual cycle and/or stress

Things worth trying: Try to balance hormones.  Get adequate sleep.

Balanced diet or lean protein, whole grains, healthy fat and high in

fruits and vegetables. Mindful of sugar intake.  

Supplements that are supportive: Ashwagandha, maca root, and chasteberry


So there you have it. Fascinating stuff, huh!? Thank you so much Jenna for hosting such a FAB night, sharing your expertise and giving us all insight to how our body works from the inside, out. We can't wait to learn more and share with you guys our findings! We also love these articles from Hum Nutrition and Mind Body Green


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#BadAssLady: Jenna Madore MS RDN LD

#BadAssLady: Jenna Madore MS RDN LD

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