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#LessIsMore: SaltyGirl Getting Summer Ready

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

It's no secret that the SaltyGirls live for Summer! Maine in the Summer is just the most beautiful place with so many amazing things to do... how could we not love when the weather gets warm and the sun shines; it just makes us have an extra pep in our step! You know that we really do like to keep our makeup and beauty routines simple, effective and impactful. In the Summer, we like to tighten that routine up even more, to have a quick go to for a glowing sun kissed look, freckles out and ready to roll!

When it comes to being out at the beach, taking the kids for bike rides, grabbing iced coffees and all the things that make up our Summer routines, well, we want to look our best with minimal effort. We created our line of beauty products to be #LessisMore, no lengthy routines full of things that we simply just don't need. Everyone is different but we are really into three of our products for Summer that we think will be perfect for most every SaltyGirl!

Our Lip Exfoliator

Our Lip Exfoliator is one of the newest additions to the SaltyGirl Beauty family and using it is one of the best ways to keep your lips kissable year round. It's a moisturizing lip scrub that conditions with sweet organic sugar and a touch of salt to help gently exfoliate your precious pout. The light coconut and vanilla scent adds a tender touch to your skincare routine. It's like creating a smooth canvas for your lipstick (or soon to come SaltyGirl Lip glosses!)

Our Multi Sticks

We might be biased but our multi sticks are awesome. There have been times when we needed to throw on a face and one of our multi sticks came to the rescue, providing a quick swipe to our lips and cheeks and a little life to the face! Our Melissa Multi Stick acts as a highlighter, illuminating the skin. Our Stephanie Multi Stick has a deeper plum for those with skin tones that benefit from that build-able color our multi sticks offer. Our Ali Multi Stick and Lindsay Multi Sticks are our Summer favorites, offering a respectively pink-y and peach-y color that looks beautiful on so many skin tones.

Our SaltyGirl Lipsticks

Creating our lip line has been one of our favorite projects within the SaltyGirl Beauty family. You may know that in addition to our lipsticks, we have lip glosses launching soon. The reason that we love our lip colors so much is that we truly believe that every person can find the shade the makes them feel especially beautiful. Making our community more confident through our beauty products gives us such great joy... and helping you guys find your perfect SGB shade is one of our favorite things to do. Check out our lip colors to find the perfect shade for your SaltyGirl Summer on the go!