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Less is More: A Strong Foundational Beauty Routine

Life comes at you fast some days and we know what it's like to barely get our crew out of the house in one piece. No one ever said that we have to look like a fashion forward modern woman, all made up, every single day but we do feel like it's important to have a strong foundational beauty routine. Our skin needs to be protected, even if we're having a leggings and school drop offs kind of morning. These are our favorite products for healthy skin!

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#LessIsMore: Simplicity in a Bath

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.”  The New Year is here and we're gearing up for some amazing things in both the SaltyGirl business and our other endeavors. We know that we have hard work in our future but in some areas of our lives know that less is more. Trying to balance it all and finding the time for self care can seem like a challenge but we encourage you to find the simple pleasures that keep you sane and feeling great. Using our favorite SaltyGirl bath products, we take relaxing baths as a regular part of our routine to unwind. It might not seem like...

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