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#BadAssLady: Amy Mustica of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

Amy Mustica of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation isn't just a friend to the SaltyGirls, she's a #BadAssLady who is out there making her work impactful in the cancer support community. We wanted to highlight Amy in our #BadAssLady series because it's important to shout out the women who are doing real work to help make a positive impact in women's lives, something Amy considers lucky to have in a job. Your Ultimate Goal in Life To always embrace who I am, and help others do the same. Some days are harder than others but embracing who you are is empowering. What led you to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation? I came into my job in a round-about way....

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Our Special Dempsey Center Events

Something that we've been working on this year is getting out into our community, spreading the good vibes and making women feel beautiful. We are especially seeking to uplift and enrich the lives of women who are survivors or are currently undergoing treatment for cancer. It means so much to us when we are able to share our story, hear others' stories and affect someone's life positively. We've met many amazing women on our journey and one of those amazing women is Cynthia Besteman of  Violets are Blue Skincare. She's not just a close friend, she has become a partner in so many awesome things. We launched Cancer Wellness Expo with her and are working on some other exciting things to...

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Our Trip to Young Survivor Coalition

Hi guys, Leah here! You have probably noticed that we've been traveling a lot lately but it's been for a good reason! We just got back from Austin, TX and what a trip it was...This past weekend was a roller coaster of emotions for me at the Young Survivor Coalition where SaltyGirl Beauty was asked to lead a breakout session in Green Beauty. We were excited to speak and then also be one of the amazing vendors popping up there. We flew in late Thursday night, but that didn’t stop me and my counterpart, Cynthia Besteman from Violets are Blue Skincare from taking our long walk enjoying the beautiful scenery of an Austin morning. Overcast, but 70 degrees, is always a bonus...

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Building Your Village of Women

"One friend with whom you have a lot in common is better than three with whom you struggle to find things to talk about.” - Mindy Kaling As women and mothers, we know how important it is to have a strong support system and build that “village” that everyone talks about. As we continue to explore our new mantra "less is more", it's important to us that we look at different areas of our lives. Our relationships are no exception. When it comes to friends, it's not about quantity, it's about quality. We can be surrounded by all the people but if we aren't connecting on a deeper level, then it's just not as fulfilling as we need at this...

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