Taking Care of your Skin in Warmer Weather

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You take care of your skin in the winter by protecting it, moisturizing, staying hydrated, and cooling off the showers, but what about summer weather? Do you throw all caution to the wind and forget to protect your skin?

Your summer skin needs protection just as much as your winter skin. If you aren’t taking care of that summer skin, you’ll end up with burnt, dry, and broken-out skin, probably not the summer skin you imagined.

So how do you take care of your summer skin? Don’t skip these steps.


SPF Daily and Often


We can’t stress it enough – SPF is necessary every single day in the warmer months whether you’re going to be outside or not. The sun’s rays get you in the car and even in your house. Lather it on all exposed skin, which in the warmer months means your face, ears, neck, arms, legs, and feet. 

Wear at least SPF 30 and make sure it’s broad spectrum. If you’re outdoors, reapply SPF every few hours. We love the Go Think line of sunscreens for baby, kid and family!



Exfoliate more Often

There’s such a thing as over-exfoliating but in the summer months, there’s not much of a risk. Liberally exfoliating at least twice a week will help you achieve that healthy summer glow you want.

Why exfoliate in the summer?

Two words – clogged pores. Humidity, sweat, SPF, and pollution all clog your pores leaving you with damaged skin. Since you probably spend more time outside in the summer, your skin faces more damage. Exfoliating with top quality and natural products gives your skin a fresh start and a healthy glow. 

Don’t forget those lips! They are the most delicate part of your face and often have the most damage. 

Moisturize Like it’s Winter

You moisturize in the winter – it’s a given, but don’t give up in the summer. Creating that layer of protection is another line of defense against the sun’s harmful rays. Want to double up? Try a moisturizer with SPF, just make sure you reapply often.

You may feel like your skin is too oily to moisturize, but spoiler alert – that means your skin is dehydrated and NEEDS moisturizer. 

Sun Accessories

Summer is the time for all the accessories. Channel your inner Hollywood vibes and break out the big sunglasses, oversized sun hats, umbrellas, and beach cover-ups.

Sun-kissed skin is beautiful, but burnt to a crisp skin leaves you with dry, shriveled up, broken out, and not very attractive skin. Summer is the time to try out the oversized shades and gorgeous sun hats you see celebrities wearing on the beach.

Take Care of your Summer Skin

If you live for that healthy summer glow, take care of your skin or you won’t have it. Moisturize, SPF, exfoliate, hydrate, and protect. Everything you do in the winter, you’ll do in the summer, but possibly even more often. If your skin sees the sun often, it needs even more TLC this summer. Protect that healthy glow and enjoy those summer vibes.


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