Why you Should Exfoliate your Lips

Why you Should Exfoliate your Lips

You exfoliate your face because it clears your pores and creates smoother skin, but what about your lips?

It’s the most overlooked part of our body, yet one of the key areas when creating your favorite makeup look. Would you rather have smooth, luscious lips that look good in any lipstick shade or ignore your lips and your favorite lipsticks? 

Summer is almost here so it’s time to exfoliate your lips. Here’s why...

Get Rid of Dead Skin

Old skin cells hurt your lips rather than help them. Wouldn’t you rather have new skin cells that are smooth, and create a luscious pout? Gently exfoliate your lips and say goodbye to old, dry skin, making room for new, healthy skin cells, otherwise, they get lost in the shuffle.

Create Smoother Lips

Why not have a little fun with your pout? Smooth lips are like a clean canvas for fun lipstick colors. Dry lips, on the other hand, make your lipstick look cakey, dried out, and certainly not luscious. A quick exfoliating will give your lipstick a beautiful surface to enjoy.

The Perfect Add-on to your Self-Care Routine

Self-care is more important than ever today, but sometimes we feel like we just don’t have time. The good news is it takes just minutes to exfoliate your lips and yet it gives you incredible rewards. Add it to your face exfoliating routine or gift yourself a few minutes of self-care and exfoliate your lips. 

Our trio of lip scrubs lined up in front of white roses

Brings Attention to Sensitive Areas

Everyone is good about taking care of the ‘main areas,’ like the skin on your face or legs, but what about the delicate areas? Eyes and lips get overlooked so often, and yet are the most fragile and make you age must faster.

Exfoliating your lips takes only a few minutes and yet can add a fresh look to your face, and it may help bring awareness to other sensitive areas, including your eyes.

Easy and Inexpensive

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be expensive. One bottle of lip exfoliator will last you quite a while, and the rewards are endless. You don’t need hours at the gym or a spa to give yourself this little gift – just a few minutes and a bottle of natural exfoliator is all it takes.

Completes your Look

If you work hard on your makeup look, you need a smooth canvas to make it work. Exfoliating your lips is like the finishing piece to the puzzle. It allows lipstick to lay perfectly on your lips or creates a beautiful canvas for shimmering lip gloss.

Exfoliate your Lips as a Part of your Routine

If you don’t exfoliate your lips yet, make it a part of your routine. You’ll love the beautiful lips it creates and the feelings of self-worth self-care creates. You deserve every bit of self-care you can give yourself, so go ahead and indulge and watch how much better you feel with this simple change to your routine.


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