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#LessIsMore: SaltyGirl Getting Summer Ready

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? It's no secret that the SaltyGirls live for Summer! Maine in the Summer is just the most beautiful place with so many amazing things to do... how could we not love when the weather gets warm and the sun shines; it just makes us have an extra pep in our step! You know that we really do like to keep our makeup and beauty routines simple, effective and impactful. In the Summer, we like to tighten that routine up even more, to have a quick go to for a glowing sun kissed look, freckles out and ready to roll! When it comes to being out at the beach, taking the kids for bike...

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Leah's Foundation Tips

When it comes to applying foundation, some people can find the process a bit daunting but SaltyGirls, it doesn't have to be! We're here to tell you that with a brush and a little bit of time (seriously, just a little!), you can even out your skin tone, add a swipe of our multi stick and be on your way! Leah has put together a quick video to walk you through how very easy it is to apply your foundation and ensure you've still got time to check things off your to do list- watch her video below! Shop our Foundations and Multi sticks! 

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Our Foundation4Love Gala

We are heading into this week feeling so much joy. Our annual Foundation4Love gala took place on Friday and it was an evening to remember. Our gracious hosts at The Nonantum Resort, treated us like a big family, celebrating our community in style! Megan Jusczyk from the For Kids' Sake Foundation brought her strength and wisdom, the amazing team at Maine Photo Bus Company kept our guests having fun and cracking smiles and the amazing Jim Ciampi band filled our evening with music... the people that helped us throw our gala are a part of the SaltyGirl family. To those of you who partied on Friday, we want you to know that you are so special to us. To those who supported us in...

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A Really Good Time in Raleigh

You may have seen our instagram stories from the lovely little event we helped plan at PinUp Studio in Raleigh, NC last week! In an effort to "Keep it Clean" (beauty) in Raleigh, we joined Anna from My Cancer Chic, Tracy from the Raleigh based beauty shop Trellis Beauty, and Colette Skincare for a beauty panel and discussion with a group of like minded women.... what an amazing crew. Getting out into our community and expanding that community is one of our favorite things about building SaltyGirl Beauty. We snagged a few of the snaps from the event to show you a little of what we are doing and hoping to do more of in the future. Keep your eyes on our...

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Fitness Following Treatment

Make Movement a Priority When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was also 32 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t exactly working out a lot during the pregnancy so after the diagnosis, going through treatment and raising a newborn and a 16 month old toddler, well, I was holding on for dear life, not worrying about my workouts.  Although incorporating fitness should have been a priority, it just wasn't. After chemo, I started to feel better and knew that incorporating 30 minutes of exercise, several times a week, decreases the chances of re occurrence. Working out became more important to me.  After being away from the gym for so long I was SO intimidated to start again. Thankfully, I have an amazing...

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