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Self care for the busy woman

It feels like everyone I know---weather married or single, kids or no kids, we are all SO BUSY!  Priorities might be different but we are all working our butts off, trying to have a social life and balancing the different relationships in our lives.  It can be a lot.  So here is a list of easy things you can do for yourself: 10 Self Care ideas for the busy woman Where is your happy place??  Beach, Mountains or Woods??  Spend some time soaking it in.   Put on you favorite face mask Buy yourself some flowers Light a candle and take a bath with healing bath salts Write in your journal Spend some time vision boarding Go to your favorite coffee shop and...

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3 Tips to use a Multi Stick

Start with your normal skincare routine-Cleanse, tone, moisturize and base layer foundation.  Multi-Stick Tips  Start by highlighting skin with our Melissa, highlighting Stick. We love when Melissa is applied to orbital bones and the arch of your brow.   Then, sweep our Ali or Lindsey stick across your lids to add a wash of petal pink (Ali) or Sienna (Lindsey) color to eyelids. Use our Ali/Stephanie (plum) or Lindsey 5 to add a wash of creamy color to your cheeks and lips. Smile and pop the color directly onto the apples of your cheeks, then blend with fingers or a few buffs of your Kabuki. Our Multi-Sticks can be applied directly to lips like a balm, or with the help...

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Who has the time? 3 easy makeup tips

Do you feel like you are constantly multi-tasking?  We are all so busy and some mornings between getting ourselves ready, getting your kids ready, and picking up the house so you don't come home to a here are a few easy and quick makeup tips to get you out of the house quickly. Tip 1: Even out your skin tone SaltyGirl Beauty top selling Aloe Based Foundation has shown improved skin results, full coverage but feels super light, nourishing to the skin PLUS smells amazing Tip 2: Add color with our Multi-Stick SaltyGirl Beauty Multi Stick can be used on your lips, your cheek and even your eye.  Talk about the master in Multi Tasking!  Tip 3: Mascara SaltyGirl...

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Makeup tips to look less tired

These days at 37 weeks pregnant there is not much I can do to hide my complete exhaustion.  But a girl has got to try......... Here are a few tips if you are having one of those days----when no amount of coffee can give you that spark. 1.  Get rid of those dark circles!  I grab the Lucy Concealer and my Concealer brush and dab the concealer under my eye.  You want to pick a shade lighter than your skin.  And a concealer with an orange yellow undertone will blast out those dark purplish under eye bags.   2.  Dull skin is another sign of tiredness---a few steps here to get nice bight dewey skin!  First make sure you are exfoliating! ...

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