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What should I apply first concealer or foundation?

A question we get a lot is, what should I apply first my Foundation or Concealer? Here is our quick breakdown: 1.  First make sure you are starting with a clean slate.  So make sure you have washed your face with a good cleanser for your face.  And follow with a toner (optional).  But a toner will help your face get back to a balanced pH.   2.  Apply your moisturizer next.  Use your daily moisturizer all over your face and neck....don't forget your neck!  I also apply a little eye cream on under the eye as well--this will help making sure your concealer goes on smoothly. 3.  Next apply your Foundation coverage all over face.  Put a small amount of foundation...

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Picking the right color Foundation

Hey guys! We get lots of requests for samples and we are so excited to finally roll our a sample program!  So now if you want to order samples to test out which Foundation or Lipstick will look best you have that opportunity!   Our Sample Package product page:  What you get! Up to 5 samples Free Shipping (unless you add other product to your order---but orders over $50 are always FREE) 15% off when you order your full size product The security you picked a shade you LOVE All for $12 Reach out if you have any questions!

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What is a SaltyGirl

We get asked all the time what does SaltyGirl mean? Well to be completely honest it was a random Tuesday night with a bottle of wine when Sarah and I conceived the name SaltyGirl. I give Sarah full credit on coming up with it. We wanted to create a name that tells a quick description of who Sarah and I are, but most importantly the kind of women we want to attract. SaltyGirl is a sassy, confident woman. She is opinionated, intelligent and a go getter. She's kind to others and gives back in numerous ways and hopes to inspire those around her. She's a mom. She's not a mom. Everyday she works pretty damn hard to love her body and...

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