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#LessisMore: Experiences Over Things

Life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn but most of all, experiences to enjoy As we have gotten older, and as we have endured some pretty tough stuff as a family, it has become clearer what are the most important things in this life... and those things aren't material. We have tried to make it our goal to live a #LessisMore lifestyle and this includes the items we bring into our homes. Anyone with a busy family with kids especially, well we know how quickly that the clutter can pile up. Toys, clothes, knick knacks, you name it, it can collect in your home with the bat of an eye. Earlier this year we jumped on...

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Happy National Lipstick Day + Our New Lip Glosses!

Happy National Lipstick Day! It's one of our favorite non-holiday holidays, Happy National Lipstick Day! Just picking which shade of lipstick to wear on this day of days has been such a struggle that we decided to wear one of our new lip glosses instead. That's right, today is the official Launch Day for the SaltyGirl Beauty lip glosses in 6 new shades. And these aren't just any lip glosses... these are very special to us in that we asked YOU in our community to help us name these. These are our Lip Gloss Heroes. We were overwhelmed by the love that came through when you submitted your nominations for your loved ones to be a Lip Gloss Hero. We loved...

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Our 2 Minute Makeup Routine for Busy Ladies!

Quick and Easy SaltyGirl Makeup! When it comes to getting ready in the morning, we are really all about the #LessisMore attitude. You don't have to take an hour to get ready, when you can master a great day to day look in mere minutes. Sarah put together her favorite go to look and when we say it's easy, we mean easy easy. Check out our newest video and while you're visiting, make sure to subscribe to our channel! Shop Sarah's Favorites Our Foundation, multi sticks, highlighter and Connie Lipstick create a quick and amazing daytime look! Find your perfect shades and perfect your #LessisMore look!

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#BadAssLady: Michelle Neujahr of nu-yar LLC

Our latest #BadAssLady is Michelle Neujahr, owner and lead consultant of nu-yar LLC out of Portland, ME. We love Michelle-- she's super smart, a contagiously positive straight talker and she helps businesses grow using her creativity and strategy. She's a self proclaimed "big dreamer" and we love that about her! We chatted with Michelle, SaltyGirl style so we'd love it if you got to know her a little better. Your Ultimate Goal in Life  My ultimate goal in life is to love full out, to be loved and to LIVE FULLY! In addition, I create a goal board every year for personal, marriage and business goals. It hangs where I can see it every day and inspires me to continue...

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#LessIsMore: SaltyGirl Getting Summer Ready

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? It's no secret that the SaltyGirls live for Summer! Maine in the Summer is just the most beautiful place with so many amazing things to do... how could we not love when the weather gets warm and the sun shines; it just makes us have an extra pep in our step! You know that we really do like to keep our makeup and beauty routines simple, effective and impactful. In the Summer, we like to tighten that routine up even more, to have a quick go to for a glowing sun kissed look, freckles out and ready to roll! When it comes to being out at the beach, taking the kids for bike...

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