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#BadAssLady: Amy Mustica of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

Amy Mustica of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation isn't just a friend to the SaltyGirls, she's a #BadAssLady who is out there making her work impactful in the cancer support community. We wanted to highlight Amy in our #BadAssLady series because it's important to shout out the women who are doing real work to help make a positive impact in women's lives, something Amy considers lucky to have in a job. Your Ultimate Goal in Life To always embrace who I am, and help others do the same. Some days are harder than others but embracing who you are is empowering. What led you to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation? I came into my job in a round-about way....

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Introducing SaltyPoints!

Introducing SaltyPoints, our new rewards program! We look to give back to our community in any way that we can, so we are bringing back a program that was popular in our small Maine boutique, the SaltyPoints! SaltyPoints are a way to reward our loyal customers for making purchases on their favorite SaltyGirl products as well as completing easy activities, like creating an account on our website. We'll keep looking for ways to reward you guys and keep you in the loop of any additions to points as the SaltyPoints program grows. Check out how to start earning points below! Create your SaltyGirl account today to get started!    

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A Simple Date Night Tip!

We're planning our next date night and can't help but pop on to show you how with just the swipe of our Emelia, your date night look can go from run of the mill to Va Va Voom! We're on YouTube so once you've checked out our video, head over to subscribe... now that we've got the hang of things, we'll be creating a lot more fun videos for you all!    Find us on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

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Our Beauty Ingredient Cheat Sheet

Some Valuable Info We Need to Share What you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body. We're sure we've mentioned that your skin is your body's biggest organ so taking care of it is a priority. Natural ingredients, SaltyGirls, natural ingredients! Something that has been resonating with people when we go out to events is our Warrior Revolution Cheat Sheet. We bring it with us as a way to give our community a quick snapshot of what to avoid and what to look for... so we thought we would share a version here on our blog for you to save when you need a quick check! Pin it, tweet it or share to...

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#BadAssLady: Amanda Light of Prim and Propah

A Blogger We Love! Just like all of the BadAss Ladies that we feature on the blog, Amanda Light of Prim and Propah has a special place in our heart. We met Amanda through the WELL Summit and she quickly became a great supporter of SaltyGirl Beauty! We love what Amanda has created with Prim and Propah and the good vibes, honesty and creativity that she's expressed through her content. We chatted with Amanda, giving her the #BadAssLady treatement! Your Ultimate Goal in Life  Gosh that's a question I hadn't really thought about. I guess if I want to accomplish anything in this life, I want to make sure that I raised good humans and tried to move the needle...

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