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Our Trip to Young Survivor Coalition

Hi guys, Leah here! You have probably noticed that we've been traveling a lot lately but it's been for a good reason! We just got back from Austin, TX and what a trip it was...This past weekend was a roller coaster of emotions for me at the Young Survivor Coalition where SaltyGirl Beauty was asked to lead a breakout session in Green Beauty. We were excited to speak and then also be one of the amazing vendors popping up there. We flew in late Thursday night, but that didn’t stop me and my counterpart, Cynthia Besteman from Violets are Blue Skincare from taking our long walk enjoying the beautiful scenery of an Austin morning. Overcast, but 70 degrees, is always a bonus...

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Leading With Kindness

Kindness is our jam! With all that's going on in the world, we pride ourselves in prioritizing kindness. Kindness is something that everyone is capable of giving and something that everyone wants to receive. Leading with kindness may not always be easy but if you are a tenderhearted person like us, you'll be happy that you made the effort. You can read books on leading with kindness (we're referring to the managerial sense here) or take courses on creating zen in your life but we mostly mean "leading with kindness" in a way that is a lifestyle, a way to lead a life full of kindness, creating a better world with small, but meaningful steps. This may not be natural for...

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Less is More: Packing Essentials

Packing doesn't have to cause stress and worry! We’ve been traveling a lot lately and it’s become more and more clear that packing light is the way to go. In the past, we’ve always packed too many things; things we didn’t need and ended up just being dead weight on both short and long trips alike. These are our tips to packing light, our #lessismore packing essentials if you will. Cool, Versatile Clothing When it comes to packing, clothes can be the area where we overdo it. Never knowing what type of mood we’ll be in or what kind of weather we’ll encounter has always driven us to pack everything but the kitchen sink… well, we’re packing smarter not harder!...

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What is Skin Mapping?

Ok, you guys, we’re gonna get real over here. Anyone out there still get breakouts? *raises hand* … You know those good ol’ pimples, those awful whiteheads that pop up out of nowhere, especially before a big event or hot date? Just like you, we still get them, even into our 30’s and beyond. Jumping into our 30’s and 40’s, and of course as clean beauty brand owners, we started paying really close attention to our skin. It’s our largest organ so giving it the attention that it deserves, makes the most sense! We’ve been doing research and listening to podcasts on selfcare. Something that kept coming up was skin mapping… and let’s just say, it piqued our interest in...

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#BadAssLady: Jenna Madore MS RDN LD

 We're crushing on this sweet nutritionist! "My love and drive for nutrition began when I was a child. Some of my favorite memories include a loud kitchen filled with my sisters, mother and grandmother all preparing food for meals that we would share together, sometimes for holidays and sometimes for no reason other than to be together. I come from a large family who, like many others, gather around food and take pleasure in the tradition of preparing the food. These memories have shaped the way I think about and prepare food, not just to eat, but to enjoy." - Jenna Madore We just love Jenna. Working locally in Maine, Jenna has her Bachelor's degree from University of NH and...

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