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Building Your Village of Women

"One friend with whom you have a lot in common is better than three with whom you struggle to find things to talk about.” - Mindy Kaling As women and mothers, we know how important it is to have a strong support system and build that “village” that everyone talks about. As we continue to explore our new mantra "less is more", it's important to us that we look at different areas of our lives. Our relationships are no exception. When it comes to friends, it's not about quantity, it's about quality. We can be surrounded by all the people but if we aren't connecting on a deeper level, then it's just not as fulfilling as we need at this...

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Help Naming Our New Lip Glosses!

On a bad day, there's always lipstick! If you know us, you know that we are lipsticks buffs! We love a good lippy and know that with just a swipe or two, a pop of color can lift your mood and give us confidence- When Sarah was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, her personal armor was a good lipstick. It's not just about the physical appearance; it's about the confidence we can have in ourselves with just a small touch. As one of our most popular product lines, the SaltyGirl Beauty Lipsticks are both a source of pride and of joy. Honestly, we couldn't be more excited to bring more products to our lip line-- we are psyched to announce our upcoming...

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On Turning 40

A Milestone Birthday This past weekend was my birthday. I am not one of those people that wants to be 30 forever. I am proud of my age. People dread birthdays as they get older and I think that it's so silly… if we don’t turn that next number it means only one thing has happened… you get my drift? So although getting older can be a little scary at times, I wear my age as a badge of honor. Really, I think everyone should! I remember turning 30 and I was so excited to say that I'd made it, I was finally 30. I felt like it added legitimacy to who I was and what I had accomplished thus...

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#BadAssLady: Lauren Waters of Fountain of 30

A blogger we love and think you will too! We have been following the ladies of Fountain of 30 for quite some time now.  Lauren and Carol keep it real, prioritize their wellness while also understanding that we want to look great, no matter what our age. Their site has a lot of great style resources, beauty articles and health+fitness tips but moreover, we relate to the urge to still be effortlessly chic even as the years start flying by! We chatted with Lauren about Fountain of 30 and some of their inspirations!  What led you down the path of starting your company? Back in 2005, when I was living in Chicago, my friend Carol and I were talking about how...

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#LessIsMore: Simplicity in a Bath

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.”  The New Year is here and we're gearing up for some amazing things in both the SaltyGirl business and our other endeavors. We know that we have hard work in our future but in some areas of our lives know that less is more. Trying to balance it all and finding the time for self care can seem like a challenge but we encourage you to find the simple pleasures that keep you sane and feeling great. Using our favorite SaltyGirl bath products, we take relaxing baths as a regular part of our routine to unwind. It might not seem like...

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