Amanda Light

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Director of Community and Content

"there's enough space for everyone to shine!"

With over 12 years of corporate project management experience combined with over 10 years in the blogging world, Amanda was the perfect addition to the SaltyGirl Beauty team in Fall of 2018. Her passion for the business and ability to fit right in with the family, helped Amanda grow into the role of Director of Community and Content, where she's impacting the day to day of our growing beauty brand. Do you follow us on social media? There's a good chance you're talking to Amanda on any given day!

Read Amanda's Story Behind Beauty

"I still battle diet culture, societal pressure and all the things going on in my own brain, every single day to be sure. Afterall, I had been successfully programmed from early on... but now I have more tools now at my disposal, tools that help me combat the shit that I have been fed for over 30 years of my life."

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Sarah and Leah in pink tutus for our foundation4Love charity run

Amanda's Salty Stuff

  •  🤍 Amanda loves a good Gin n Tonic, with a splash of lime juice! 
  • 🤍 Want to work out with Amanda? You'll usually find her on her spin bike or rolling out the yoga mat.
  • 🤍 If Kristen Bell is looking for a new bestie, Amanda is ready and waiting!
  • 🤍 Amanda drinks her coffee with almond milk and sweetness!
  • 🤍 Amanda's Biggest Accomplishment?  "Bringing two awesome boys into this world and encouraging them to be good cititzens *thus far*"

Amanda's Favorite SaltyGirl Beauty Product

"this is the ultimate in signature red lip color!"

Are your looking for that perfect bold lip? Nothing says confidence and makes a statement like a beautiful red... look no further than our Emelia!

 Our SaltyGirl formula contains organic mango, cocoa and capuacu butter to sooth chapped lips and also includes organic jojoba, avocado and coconut oils to hydrate the skin.

Our lipstick formula conditions and nourishes the lips while making you look and feel your best! 


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