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"nike gets me everytime...just do it!"

For over 12 years, Leah Robert has treated cancer patients as an Oncology Nurse. She found out being an oncology nurse was truly her calling when her sister Sarah Kelly was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. She currently works at New England Cancer Specialists full-time as a nurse and educator for cancer patients in southern Maine. Health and wellness have always been important in her life. During her sister’s cancer journey, they both went through a deep cleaning exercise of getting rid of harmful, unhealthy products... and so SaltyGirl Beauty was born. In addition to their beauty brand, the sisters have created Foundation4Love, a local charitable organization that Leah works closely with in the Maine Cancer Community.

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"Being active, independent and confident has something I have always prided myself in. When I have a balance of these three things, I am a better person, mom and wife, the last two being roles that are a priority in my life." 

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Sarah and Leah in pink tutus for our foundation4Love charity run

Leah's Salty Stuff

  •  🤍 Leah loves a good GIN with a splash of tonic! 
  • 🤍 Want to work out with Leah? You'll have to catch her first! Leah is an avid runner and marathoner!
  • 🤍 If Michelle Obama is reading this, Leah would love to have a lunchdate when you're available!
  • 🤍 Leah makes her coffee order easy... she takes it black!
  • 🤍 Leahs Biggest Accomplishment?  "Becoming a Mom to my girls. I've helped this world become a better place by having them!"

Leah's Favorite SaltyGirl Beauty Product

"our foundation is so silky smooth and smells like a dream!"

This high-performance, beautifully pigmented liquid foundation is perfect for nourishing your skin, creating an even-toned glow, and provides a flawless finish.

This formula does not sit in creases, look caked on or clog pores and most importantly, is free of toxic chemicals! Choose from 12 different shades!


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