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Co-founder and Captain of the SaltyGirls

"today is a good day for a good day."

Equipped with a MBA from Simmons College in Marketing and Sustainability, Sarah has 20 years experience working in and building marketing/sales organizations but had always dreamed of creating her very own beauty brand. It wasn't until after her breast cancer diagnosis that she was able to really focus on making that dream a reality, creating SaltyGirl Beauty, a mission driven, sustainable brand. Along with sister, Leah Robert, they found that their entrepreneurial and results driven backgrounds provided the perfect foundation for what you see at SaltyGirl Beauty today.

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"But I was lucky, my body reacted to the chemo and after just a few treatments the lump in my breast was almost undetectable. I had a full response and after surgery I was told they found no evidence of disease. The words you want to hear. So, how could I look at my body and think of anything other than pride in how much it has done for me in my life? But as we all know, we are often our own worst critics."

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Sarah and Leah in pink tutus for our foundation4Love charity run

sarah's salty stuff

  •  🤍 Sarah loves a good Margarita on the rocks with Salt (of course)! 
  • 🤍 Want to work out with Sarah? You can catch her lifting weights, or doing any type of HIIT workout!
  • 🤍 If Oprah or Gail are listening, Sarah says that you're her dream lunch dates!
  • 🤍 Sarah makes her coffee order easy... she takes it black!
  • 🤍 Sarah's Biggest Accomplishment?  "Starting SaltyGirl which has also been a dream and my 3 little rugrats Graham, Anna and Caleb! <3"

Sarah's Favorite SaltyGirl Beauty Product

"the peppermint tea tree scent just wakes you right up!"

SaltyGirl Salt and Sugar Scrub leaves your skin super soft with an exfoliating blend of moisturizing blend of oils & and blend of salt and sugar.

No Artificial Ingredients, Fillers, Parabens, Alcohol, Animal Ingredients, Fragrances, Sulfates, Artificial Colors, Or Unnatural Preservatives Made In Small Batches In The USA 12 oz

Our scrub comes in a convenient pouch, a great alternative to glass jars that can slip and break in the bath or shower


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