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About Us


In 2015, Sarah was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer, at 36 years old and 32 weeks pregnant.  When something like this happens, it turns your world upside down. During this time, she and her sister Leah, who is an oncology nurse, started diving into the food they ate and the products they put on their bodies. Our skin is our largest organ, and everything we put onto our bodies gets absorbed into our blood stream and organs, so Leah and Sarah became incredibly passionate about doing the research and understanding the ingredients our bodies consume daily.

While going through chemo, Sarah lost all of her hair. When this happened, she felt like she lost something that made her feel beautiful and confident. As a way to endure this emotional hardship on top of her physical one, she discovered the power that beautiful scarves and lipsticks have in helping her rediscover her groove, confidence and saltiness. Thus, the idea of SaltyGirl Beauty was born...

Sarah and Leah wished there was a beauty brand that focused on organic, nourishing ingredients but also stood for something bigger than beauty!  So, using their own experiences as their guide, their goal for SaltyGirl Beauty is for women to feel Beautiful, Confident and a little Badass!!!