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Foundation4Love was created from the love of four siblings: Sarah, Kristen, Leah and Ted. On March 6, 2015, life for the four of us changed as Sarah, the oldest, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. At the time, Sarah was 32 weeks pregnant with her second child. Already having a 14 month old son, Sarah and husband Chris had no other option but to steer their ship ahead full force without ever letting their anchor drop.

With all the change and worry Sarah and Chris were dealing with, it was very important for the two of them to stay strong and connected. They both agreed that their relationship is the foundation of their family and they didn’t want to lose that because one was sick.

As an outsider looking in on a couple like Sarah and Chris, all you want to do is help even if this help comes in small gestures: Kristen taking the kids for the night, Leah helping with housework during Sarah’s treatments,Ted buying a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. With this foundation, we want to provide gestures that may help relieve some of the stress and worry for people experiencing a cancer diagnosis. Whether you’re a parent, married, in a relationship or single, we want to help. With everything else you are dealing with, with all the other expenses that are hitting you, we understand that the first thing you give up is time for yourself and your relationship with the ones closest to you.  Foundation4Love is our way of giving back! 

 Potential ways we can give, but open to other wants:    

  • Dinner out
  • Entertainment (play, sporting event, theater)
  • Transportation
  • What can we do to make you happy?

Please email us at [email protected] and title your email Foundation4Love if you have a person you want to receive LOVE from the SaltyGirls!  xoxo

(Picture August 2015: Sarah, husband Chris and their son Graham, Celebrating news of being Cancer Free)