Lip Gloss Heroes- Meet Prasha!


Providence, RI

When Prasha's nomination came over, we were immediately like STEM, yes! *Google's STEM to be sure* (It's a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.). We love a badass, intelligent woman and Prasha more than fits the bill. This is why we chose Prasha as one of our Lip Gloss Heroes 2020.

Here's what was said about Prasha in her nomination: Prasha is a podcast host and a career coach for women in STEM. She is a hero because she shows up everyday to inspire confidence and motivation. She truly wants to help women in STEM believe in their brilliance! Welcome to the SaltyGirl Family, Prasha!


Tell me more about yourself and your family. 


I was born and brought up in India to two police officers. My dad passed away of pancreatic Cancer 5 years ago and my mom lives in Delhi, India. I have a younger brother who lives in Canberra. I’m married to a loving and kind man named Nick and he’s from Smithfield, RI. We now live in North Providence, RI and are enjoying our first home with lots of plant babies, 10 to be precise.



What prompted you to start this podcast? 


That’s a long story but lots of things including the discussions on getting more girls in STEM but in my profession as a Mechanical Engineer, I was meeting a lot of successful women, so for me it didn’t add up. I thought the statistics were actually making the problem worse and dehumanizing the entire discussion. With the show my plan was to interview all my friends and colleagues and share their STEM stories but nobody agreed to come on the show BUT that didn’t stop me and I kept finding amazing women.


What types of people do you interview for your podcast? 


In interview women in Science, Tech, Engineering & Mathematics from around the world, with a variety of professions and stories that someone can truly identify with.


How long have you had your podcast? 

I started in Dec 2017 and have produced over 125 episodes so far.



You can find Prasha on Instagram and can learn more about her STEM initiatives HERE!