Our Team


Sarah Kelly, Co-Founder

Captain of The SaltyGirls


Favorite Cocktail: Margarita on the rocks with Salt (of course)

Which Celebrity Would You Want to Have Coffee With: Oprah or Gail…..love them both.

Your Moto in Life: Today is a good day for a good day

What You Could Do Better At: saying no and being patient……oh and also having a poker face.

Follower or Leader: Leader

Your MUST Have SaltyGirl Product: Peppermint Tea Tree Scrub and Amy Foundation

Biggest Accomplishment: Starting SaltyGirl which has also been a dream and my 3 little rugrats Graham, Anna and Caleb!  <3

Heels or Sneakers: I am more of a bootie person than heels or sneakers

What Intimidates You: networking or going to a party where I don’t know anyone

Yoga or Weights or Running? Weights, or any type of HIIT workout

How do you drink your coffee?? Black 

What's a Dream of yours: Basically I'm living it.....but still waiting on my private Island and beach house!



Leah Robert, Co-Founder

President of Brine and Beauty


Favorite Cocktail: GIN….and a splash of tonic.

Which Celebrity Would You Want To Have Coffee With: Michelle Obama.

Your Moto In Life: Nike gets me everytime….JUST DO IT!!

What You Could Do Better At: Stop being so competitive.

Follower or Leader: Leader. Delegate is my middle name

Your MUST Have SaltyGirl Product: Anna lipstick and Susie Foundation.

Biggest Accomplishment: Becoming a Mom to my girl, Lucy. I've helped this world become a better place by having her!

Heels or Sneakers: Sneakers all the way. 

What Intimidates You: A room full of people talking about Finance….UGH.

Yoga or Weights or Running? hands down running.

How Do You Drink Your Coffee? Black.

What’s a Dream of Yours: Walking in a Fashion Show….. (I would even wear heels for that :)

Amanda Light

Chief Mate of Community


Favorite Cocktail- Love a good gin and tonic with a splash of lime juice!

Which Celebrity Would You Want to have Coffee with?  Kristen Bell. Because if she were to have coffee with me she would know that we were meant to be best friends forever.

Your Moto In Life: Do no harm, take no shit.

What You Could Do Better At: Saying no. I sometimes overschedule myself, then stress, then my husband says “I told you so!” (eye roll)

Follower or Leader- I have definitely always been a leader, sometimes a little bossy ;-) 

Your MUST Have SaltyGirl Product: Give me all the Emelia lipsticks forever!

Biggest Accomplishment: Besides meeting Celine Dion? Creating two amazing kids, Wesley and Teddy, who are on track to being very good humans in this world.

Heels or Sneakers: Sneakers… it’s much easier to run after rouge children with a little traction!

What Intimidates You: It’s weird. I am very outgoing but also afraid of rejection. So putting myself out there is tough. But I do it anyway. Anything worth doing is a little scary.

Yoga or Weights or Running? I try to do it all! I rotate between spin, yoga, weights and HIIT in my usual routine.

How Do You Drink Your Coffee? Almond milk and a little sugar, ok A LOT of sugar.

What's a Dream of Yours? I want to flesh out my jewelry making, Propah Pieces, to create a way to give back. Like “buy my jewelry so I have more money to give to charity”… that’s the goal anyway!