Saltygirl is an active partner of the Get Greenspark initiative, a climate change program that allows Saltygirl to plant a tree or remove one piece of plastic from the ocean for every website purchase. You can follow us and track our positive impact progress by clicking the box below:

Greenspark | Plastic & Carbon Offset

Under the program Saltygirl also supports 6 UN Climate Change projects aimed to support those in 3rd world communities.

These projects include:

UN Project 9933: Improved Cook Stoves in Malawi

UN Project 6848: Hydroelectric Energy in Chile

Plastic Bank: Transforming Plastic Waste into Empowering Income

UN Project 6315: Sugarcane Biomass Power in India

UN Project 5016: Reforestation in Rural India

Eden Reforesation Project: Fighting Extreme Poverty through Tree Planting