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Our Products are Thoughtfully Created.

We look to create products that are accessible, conscious and don't require a lengthy routine. We are for the everyday woman.

SaltyGirl is a Brand that Cares.

We care about our community. In everything we do, we consider how we can have a lasting impact on our customers and those we cross paths with.

We Create Community.

We aren't only a beauty brand, we're community builders. We want to know who you are, what you like and engage with you in meaningful ways. We have an amazing Facebook group called The Salty Lifestyle (you can join here) and we've also created an organization called Warrior Revolution which brings people together undergoing cancer treatment, caregivers and survivors because we are #Stronger Together. Find Warrior Revolution here.

We Give Back.

Through our charity, Foundation4Love, we have found a way to bring our experiences full circle by helping those in our local cancer community. Learn more about Foundation4Love here.

Along with her sister, Leah, Sarah Kelly took a cancer diagnosis, a warrior attitude and a dream of owning a beauty brand, took it and ran with it, creating SaltyGirl Beauty in 2017. Learn more about Sarah, her background and her journey here.

Sarah Kelly, Captain of the SaltyGirls

Leah Robert brings a stellar medical background and a love of beauty products  to everything SaltyGirl. She's the main(e) gal over at Foundation4Love and has created long lasting relationships with area cancer communites. Learn more about Leah here.


A corporate project manager in a former life then combined with 10+ years experience in the blogging world, made Amanda the perfect addition to the SaltyGirl Beauty team in 2018. Learn more about Amanda here.


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Do you or someone you know have an amazing story that you want to share? Through all of our life struggles, we firmly believe that your beauty shines through it all. If you think you have an interesting story behind your brand of beauty, we're looking for real women, with real life stories, to share with our community. Fill out our survey to share it with us!