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As of April 15, 2022 we will be shutting down SaltyGirl Beauty. As we sit and write this letter to our beloved community, we feel that this decision is so bittersweet for the both of us. We started this journey in the summer of 2015 questioning what the future was going to look like after Sarah was diagnosed with cancer. It was scary and an unforeseeable future, but we set out to do something bigger than her diagnosis, something that could help us both heal after a traumatic situation. Building SaltyGirl Beauty and Foundation4Love has been hard, yet such rewarding work. When we started Foundation4Love we thought it would come secondary as SaltyGirl was the anchor of the business, but as we have evolved we also gained perspective on the things that have really impacted our local community. We found as we were hustling with SaltyGirl, Foundation4love was growing into something bigger than we imagined and although we will be closing our Saltygirl Business and will continue our work with Foundation4Love, working with our cancer community, expanding our mission with services that can help make a difference. We are very excited to be able to focus on this part of business, together, and with our community. Please visit us at or Follow us @Foundation4Love Much love, The Saltygirls

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